A Newbie on WordPress -.-


I dunno what I’m doing here..hoho…

Hi WordPress! Nice to meet you. Now, I have decided from Blogspot, wordpress or live journal.I choose you! Pokemon? hahaha.. Thanks to my OJT that  there is nothing to do JUST YET but to hang around inside the penguin habitat office in the middle of ALABANG. haha! The usual thing now is to update all  my social networking site and the like. Am I welcome here in  wordpress? I had this long discernment for me to decide on what blogsite will I have to pursue.

So please love me here… But I won’t give up my TUMBLR coz I love it..hahaha!!

~ labley 🙂


5 thoughts on “A Newbie on WordPress -.-

  1. Hi lovely, as I told you, we are beginners, there are too many interesting people writing lots of topics. You are the first and only that I have conversation so far. Why you decided on WordPress, after 1960 days, I think you have answer😊


    1. 1960 days? what? hahaha….

      One friend convinced to choose wordpress. I was in tumblr and multiply that time. But then I was convinced because wordpress offered more space to write and an opportunity to make my own website. I am more of a writer. I really write long so I need wordpress in my life. I think it’s a wise decision I made in my life. Aside from doing what I love, I also met interesting bloggers in this community. To the point that I really became friends with them. Common interest usually goes with anime, movies, photography and travel. Cool right.. I also met one person here that made me appreciate life is beautiful. I won’t ever forget that. 🙂


    1. Wow.. this can be a good topic for blog.

      I love blogging. It’s a things that I do even without compensation or regular salary. My soul is on it.
      Teaching is a securing profession. It’s also an opportunity to serve and share ideas to the young people.

      I hope I can do my best to these both worlds.

      How about you what’s your job?

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