♥ to ♥

My Front Desk’s Panda Bear

There I sit, There I click

On the corner of the core,

You’re at my front more and more

Glance to to the left I swear

Look on front I saw a bear…

Smiling at me…

Reaching its hand on me…

I smiled back and see…

What’s the real thing for me…

Everyday is the routine,

But I think is not meant to be…

Somewhere in the middle…

Everything is a Riddle

So it’s hard to mingle…

Then I saw it holding a bamboo tree…

Much the love and much the care I see

It’s all yours for almost years

It gives me the reason to fear

I bow my head…

I hid my eyes…

Never it will realize..

Cause It will be caught in  surprise

Black and White…

Connected by our sight.

Thanks for that Bliss..

You’re the one I will miss..:)


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