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Honey and Clover : Japanese Drama / Anime Review

This blog review inspired me too..( and so I miss blogging..♥

The H&C jdorama (above)

it has a Taiwanese version also but this japan version is way better 🙂

Anime Series (Season 1 & 2 )

H&C (Honey and Clover) is not your ordinary type of anime nor I can say that this one is a Shojou type one. ( Not your ideal love story {the fairytale/puppy loves/ no no }

Now, I’m watching it’s anime version with 34 episodes (i think :p). I can say that I like more the Jdorama. (because of ikuta toma and mukai osamu.. hahaha)  Anime will always be exaggerated on acts. It’s really funny. Hagu-chan was too small and I don’t get it. In the drama , the height is normal.. hahaha.. so bothered about the height….*laughs*..:p


The Drama Teaser: 

The Story line was great. I wonder how the writer of the story made this one. What inspired him/her ? Or is it a real life experience? The love story also don’t focuses on only one couple.. Actually it is not a couple rather triple or quadraple.. there are so many twist-and-turn / up-side-down on the love stories there. You will learn a lot through their experiences. But the bottomline is : Unrequited love but unconditional love. I don’t believe to much on happy ending. (haha sorry i’m not in love.. :p )We can’t get all we want so don’t expect too much. Pain will always be normal in anyone’s life. Each and every character has something to contribute to make the story more interesting.

Fave character : Yamada, Ayumi 🙂

why : Yamada is a student also in the same university majoring in pottery. She’s in love with Mayama. The sad thing here the love she has for this guy can’t be given back to her the same way. Mayama loves somebody who is older than him. He works on her architecture firm. Mayama is an architecture student by the way. I admire her bravery to love. She struggled just to express her love for Mayama. Every scene she has with him , i cried.  My favorite scene is when Mayama carried her at the back cause she’s drunk.

That time she confesses unconciously to mayama and called him “BAKA” or idiot while walking. Way to crazy huh.. haha.. On the other hand, Yamada was loved by Nomiya-san (mayama’s colleague) but doesn’t know how to express this because it is obvious how yamada is inlove with mayama. (but i’d go for nomiya :p haha )

Takemoto kun story was like the same thing but the story goes around with hagumi and morita. I like the scene where he needs to go soul searching for discovering what he really want to do in life…

takemoto has the most quotes in the series..he ws like the narrator of the entire series.. haha here’s my favorite quote from him:

“I’d been wondering whether there is a meaning to a failed love… Is something that disappeared the same as something that never existed? But now I now there is—-There was a meaning right here.. Because despite the heartbreak, i’m still glad that i fell in love with you”

Takemoto Yuta (Honey and Clover)

I ♥ H&C folever!!!!!

ps: my love for four leaf clovers started since I watched this„,2 years ago..haha


live action: ♥♥♥♥♥ or 5/5

anime:  ♥♥♥ or 3/5 


2 thoughts on “Honey and Clover : Japanese Drama / Anime Review

  1. I agree with you, I’ve just watched it yesterday, and love it…:)

    I like this drama, ’cause it’s more realistic, real complicated love story and friendship, real life for achieving dreams but sometimes lost and having no destination…
    The ending is not happy ending for some character but once again, it’s real…
    Well, actually I do wish that Mayama would end up with Ayumi:(

    The most character I like is Ayumi, even though I love Mukai Osamu for real, not in this character as Mayama (but he’s really cool here too 😀 )…
    I think Narumi Riko is great here, ’cause I watched her in 1 liter of tears with different character, I even didn’t recognized her at first with her new character as Hagu…

    I love this Japanese drama version, even somehow it’s slow and there’s some boring part, but it’s worthy watching…
    And I would like to see if there are Korean version of this drama..hehe.
    Please make it into Korean version!!:)
    and for the cast, I’ll make some recommendation actor/actress:
    – Hagu : IU
    – Ayumi : Suzy/Jiyeon
    – Yuta : Yoo Seung Ho
    – Mayama : Kim Soo Hyun
    – Morita : Seulong/Lee Joon

    Only my thoughts..:D
    and I’ve post it in MySoju and Asian Wiki, who knows they’ll make the korean version:p


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