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Editorial Internship Nostalgia

May 8, 2011, Sunday

I think I should have written this day after leaving UNO Magazine. (better late than never , haha!)  As of now, I’m arranging of all my legalities stuff. (name it: from TOR to barangay clearance….) I’m here waiting for calls too. hihihi.. When I browse the pages of the only UNO Magazine ( Heart Evangelista on the Cover, February issue),  I remember how my OJT was like. ( riding on van , soundtripping, transcribing, typing and etc.  )It made me feel I miss something.  Oh yeah.. I miss writing.  It is the very first reason why I chose my bachelor’s degree, AB Communication. Being a away from the radiation of my computer made me experience a little soul searching. (haha!) As if i am lost in space and asking myself what I really want to do in my life. Graduation is Over.  I have Reunion hangovers. Now, Employment should be undercover. Anyway, I am not hasty but also I am not lazy but yes I’m crazy.haha. (Sorry, I’m such a rhythmic person..hihihii)

Reading the Editor-in-Chief’s note, there goes a line “love is ineffable”. ineffable..ineffable..(echoing) Hey Mr Google! You just said something. Alright… Ineffable means Incapable of being expressed; indescribable or unutterable. Aw.. Ok.. This made me crazy. My vocab bank should work hard now. haha. Do I believe in this line? Well, it’s not really unutterable or something…Love is more likely to be VAGUE but expressible. Browsing the magazine again, i found a short story entitled Day Devoid.  Day Devoid is a short story about a book worm lady who fell in love with the bookshelves of an IT guy. The words used are really highfalutin so reading between the lines is a must. It made my imagination run again. I become more interested. It’s not a typical love story. It’s all about compatibility, Insomiac , Bumming, reading, dreaming.. very random topics where in you don’t know what to focus on.  I captured a line “a gradual falling into a common rhythm than anything..”. Read between the lines again.. haha.Somehow, this line caught me for some reason that I can only understand. Curious? Just Stay curious. haha. I return the magazine in my study table and start writing about it.

Back in my internship, I regret that opportunity on the EIC’s offer to join him on an interview on Malacañang. I really hope to experience it but unfortunately thanks to our (insert foul word) curriculum. Thesis plus OJT was a (foul word again..) bwhahaha..!

I want to experience TV networks…

I want to experience Radio…

But I pledge to read and write the PRINTED WORD.

That’s all for now. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Editorial Internship Nostalgia

    1. Wow… you’re even reading now my first blogs here in wordpress… :p haha… I was in college when I started to blog. Hmm.. 2010.. 😀 I have another blog but that’s from my uncle.. I can earn there so i must maintain it.. haha .. 🙂 You just need to love blogging for you to last long here.. You know. I have known many bloggers who blog..esp summer 2015.. I met bunch of bloggers here in wordpress… NOW ..they are gone.. I am kinda shocked.. I am only connected with anime bloggers.. I dunno.. As for me, it’s about commitment. In my case, It was like.. I am married to blogging. I decided to nurture and plan about it for a long term. That’s it.. So you will stay here in blogging if you will be “committed..” on it.. Oh I said too much.. ! haha.. 🙂 Thanks for your comments.. You reminded me of someone who I talked a lot here before. haha..

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      1. You mean in WordPress that many left? We (niece and aunt) really new, and you should be able to tell from the content posted 😅.
        Summer 2015, that’s last year, and these blogger left within one year?

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      2. Yeah.. They left in the sense that they don’t blog anymore. They are busy doing something else with their lives. Leaving wordpress means not posting blogs anymore. It’s okay. I still have my anime community here. They are very supportive. 🙂

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    1. I am kinda doing multitasking in my life right now. It just happen because I have a goal. I was able to do it because first you must believe in yourself that you can do it. Strong faith with yourself then everything will follow. Time management can be tough really! that how discipline enters. I sometimes can waste time on doing non sense or being idle. So I make it a point to make a list of priorities on my daily tasks.. That’s it I guess. Your questions makes me think.. and very sensible..:)

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    1. Big Difference I must say. If you know me for real and aware what happened in my past, you would say that these little changes that’s happening to me is a Miracle already. 🙂 I am finished with my studies. I am working already. Thanks! 🙂

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