Job Hunt Adventure ^.^

Job Hunt #1 : Bad Day

June 8, 2011

Ok.. My 1st Job Interview  Exam just happened.

JobsDB called me (twice) for an interview with a certain outsourcing company for an entry level position as a writer. My schedule is June 8. Well Ok… I’ll go.

Wednesday morning, I woke up around 6pm. It’s raining continuously. I was scheduled 9am so I must leave early. Dressed up with a corporate attire on a rainy season was so dyahe. (uneasy).  They said the easier route is riding a jeep on salawag .. then baclaran…ayala bus… then poof Makati na!  lalala… heading off to Makati .. all by myself….All by myself….don’t wanna live all by myself.. anymooore.. ♫ ehem.. sorry i’m carried away with the phrase. Ok again..,, I went to Makati all by myself for the first time.  I walked along ayala avenue and gosh I’m late…the bus dropped me 20 tumblings from the insular life building. I wish I can fly over there. Gigantic buildings made me dizzy plus the non stop raining drama. aish…. When I got there inside the office waiting in the lobby, an old man approach me and get all the requirements I have.  In my thoughts…

hala.. hr kaya sya?? parang isang bulate nalang ang pipirma at bye bye earth na,., (sama ko ba.? hehe) .. baka kelngan na talaga nila ng empleyado…hmmm..watever

He told me to take the genral info exam worth 100 points. after 1 hour, a proof reading exam… after one hour super identification exam.after 1 hour again .. he said ”  you can take your lunch.. be back after 15 minutes cause there’s more exam… On my thoughts again

whaaat??! Grabee.. Hindi ko alam na mageexam pala .. daig pa upcat.. may mga Pythagorean theorems pa na nakalimutan ko na.. aish..! makapag mcdo nga muna….

After 15 minutes, exam again but this one is what i like th most… Write an essay about your chosen topic. I chose -how to spend you money if you win a million on  a raffle- hahaha.. the last exam is summarizing news.. it’s ok but it made my heaed ache cause of scrolling up and down the articles with its too small font. aish….. then tada i’m finish.. Lolo HR said that he will just call me next week if can pass the exam and work for them.. (good luck naman)..

Going home…it was really unlucky. raining won’t stop. My feet aches. The hook of my black slocks gave up before the exam as well as my black shoes.. >.< that day was a real bad vibes, most especially on riding that bus going back to baclaran. That was the first time I felt very anxious on riding all alone. At first, it’s ok.. taking on seat and ear plugs with my ipod. Untill the moment 4 men, ride the bus. One of them sat beside me. When i saw their faces, I felt something weird. When I put back my ipod on my bad, he’s really staring at it. the other man who sat on the right stared like he wanted to kill.. arghh! it really frightened me. As i realize, the 4 man who has a gangstah aura even though they look neat. Little voices Spirit Guides started to warn me …

lovely baba na ng bus .. dali kelngan mo bumaba… kelngan mong bumababa!!!! now na…

It was repeated all over again. I decide to left the bus even though the conductor said that they cannot unload passenger there. I jump with all my might and said.. i forgot something.!! aish ….i almost cried. I feel relieved after that. One of the unforgettable experience I have. >.< buti nakaiwas holdap…

Now I don’t really care of being hired there..

Cause I had  a bad day…had a bad day T_T

That’s all folks..


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