Job Hunt Adventure ^.^

Job Hunt # 2 : Suabe!

June 17, 2011

After all the cancellation of my other interview cause of the rain, tonisilitis..even the career fair…

I got a text message from an anonymous phone number…

Hi Lovely! We got your application at JobsDB for the position of Copywriter.. Pls come for an interview June 17, 2pm, summit tower..mandaluyong

It’s not exactly the text but i guess it doesn’t need to be detailed in this blog. haha! I was really suprised receiving that text. I read that June 17 , 10 pm .. and wait what day is today.. Ma.. june 17 ba ngayon? .. Mamita answered, Oo..june 17, friday.. My reaction: Oh my!! keri pa bang makarating dun.. Mama: Oo naman! maligo ka na kaya.. ang hirap kasi sayo hindi ka nakabantay sa celphone mo alam mo naman nagaaply ka. 

Yeah.. lately.. I’m really careless about my phone even it has a load or what. I’m too lazy to text. >.< aishh… so just pls contact me online but still i’ll try my best to text.. haha!! Anyways.. back to the job hunting story.

With no hesitation,  I went there.  Now, employment is sinking on me. June has been a start of my job hunting adventure. hoho..  my transportation is so suave. Unlike my Job Hunt #1, All the worst happened. It’s a good day and very good vibes. Riding a van will be really convenient. plus MRT! haha..  It’s not hard to find the building because its way is only beside the MRT station : SHAW Blvd. Smiling to people is a big help because they help you on your way there. hoho! And yeah I got there earlier than 2pm…6th floor..opened the unit’s door. All people seems to wear blue. And yes I’m going to be interviewed. hey, it was not that easy though! :p

On the conference room, I was interviewed by Sir Ray and with Migs (who I thought an applicant also but i guess he is  the artist..He looked like a panda bear.haha) The conversation was all English. They ask me how was my OJT in UNOmagazine then my work there. Also, they ask me about my advertsing experience. All i can say is have a subject or electives of it since I’m major in Advertising. I know I’m not that competitive yet so I’m not comfortable to explain when they asked me about an advertising campaign. I just can’t. I feel embarrassed that time that i even can’t speak English all through out my explanation  that I need to switch language. asihhh.. >//////< i feel EMBARASSED. Thanks, they’re good people and just consider me.. huhuhuh!

Lesson learned: Next interview, I need to review and be prepared.

I’m thankful still for this day 😀 employ me for sales copy. :p haha


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