Job Hunt Adventure ^.^

Job Hunt # 3 : Walk-in!

I didn’t attend my interview with an ad agency for a copywriter position. It rained so I guess my instinct was right not to go there.  kung para sayo, para sayo..

June 22, 2011

The next day, I decided to apply on what I really want : an editorial assistant position.  I always want to work for a magazine company. Since high school, it was my dream. Reality Check: Am I really good in writing? I dunno. My writing experience way back in high school gave me this confidence so I end up taking up Communication course in DLSU-D. During my College days, I loss confidence. Mediocrity sinks into me. Maybe I met some other people who are better than me. I applied for CLA school paper and yes I’m there  but I quit. I didn’t even try joining Heraldo for  time management reason.  Anyway, my OJT was in a Magazine industry so go go go! Instead applying for an advertising assistant position, i rather took the opportunity of being an Editorial Intern that made me satisfied. too much kwento huh? 

I went to the 2 well known Publishing company in the Pinas. haha.. I won’t be very detailed on it. :p  I didn’t received any calls from them for an interview or so  instead i go there  personally to give my resume with my writing portfolio. FYI: It’s not that easy to apply as a writer as well as a copywriter. Employers always asking for your sample works.  One in Ortigas and the other one was in Mandaluyong (beside accenture :p ).  Elevators made my head ache that day. Nevermind the ache as long as I hand over my resume with those guards. I wish they’ve given it now on the HR Department. How I wish they have read my resume and sample works. How i wish and pray to get employed there.. *crossfinger* Any of the two will do. Those guards in both company told me that they’re just be calling me for an interview. I really hope so. My experience in OJThunting in Makati goes the same way also. Guards receiving resume. Call you later….after waiting .. nothing happened. So I hope this is for real. Now, I want to be employed. Staying at home for so long will make me crazy. I’m trying my best to enjoy my lazy-daisy days here at home like reigning in front of the PC, tumblr, rewatching HP films, watching Asian dramas, fangirling and stuffs.. Blogging for living.. So.. I guess I must wait.

I’m amazed how those Magazine Compnay looked like especially SM :p haha.. I want to work there badly. No matter what happen i know something best will happen. but I want there.. ipilit? Employ me pls.. hihihi.. :p 


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