♥ to ♥

Ineffable July

(inspired by an olive ant ^.^ )

There I was a plain looking girl

Wondering if my hair still in curl

Hopeless and tiresome was written in my face

’till now I don’t know when to start my race

Love was platonic.. it’s making me empty.

Plus great expectation sends melancholy

I am speechless, my mind was restless

Thinking it’s better to be a rich’s mistress

Fireworks sparkles as I read a message

Enlightened by someone whom I miss like decade!

I never expect chance of a lifetime

Those conversations with you was a blessed chime

Living in a desert is what I felt

For more than one year not seeing you with some regret

Though I speak it out but never concrete

Awkward maybe,,, On that “one time” we’ll meet..

A month of connections, A month of twist and turn

Like It’s magic if  raindrops will burn

Its’ mere possibility made my hopes high

Gratitude for my lord and my JULY..


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