Job Hunt Adventure ^.^

Job Hunt # 4 : Cagurangan

Narrate this or not… narrate? Ok then.. Obliging myself to do my Job hunt adventure journal so…

July 7..? or 8 , 2011

Ortigas Jr. Avenue

On my way before there, riding a van is a routine to reach the train from here. Riding on a van amuses me. It feels like Iam in an action movie hiding from cops. wahaha!

About the company…I’m not inspire to tell it cause i had a bad experience there. The interviewer eats while asking me questions. The interviewer told me my home was too far from the company. (eh bkt kau tumawag?) I’m not really motivated.. so kthanksbye :p

ps: the title is the surname of the interviewer .. lol much.. evil laugh :))


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