Job Hunt Adventure ^.^

Job Hunt # 8: 2nd chance, 2nd Rejection

The story goes with that telecom company…

1st attempt: (Online – Application)

Through Online application, I just tried my luck on this company since a hiring was shown on my screen. (jr. copywriter and public affair assistant) 2 weeks later I’ve received an email that I’m not qualified for  the posts.

Rejected. Accepted.

Wait and Hope.

2nd attempt: (Walk-in!) 

(Go back to: Job hunt # 6 w/ soleil) One of the companies we handed over our resume is again that telecom company. As if I’m not giving up but there’s nothing bad about trying again. so that’s it…

Until they texted us both to have an interview there ( Aug 18, 2011). Soleil has things to do so we’re not together on that day. We both tried.. both rejected..

Ok. Is that the same scene again?

After that, it made me burst out with impatience and frustration. I even blurted out a foul word. It was all like.. OK.OK. Am i not that good enough that up to now I’m still unemployed? My mind speaks all of the bad side of that rejection. Most especially now that there are so many factors why I need to have a job. All eyes on me. I’m telling you.. It’s not so good to be a well-known  achiever during your old school days. sigh.

In the end.. I still pray so that I can break out from this walls of frustrations. I connect with people. Knowing I’m not alone made me feel OK. Tumblr quotes mend this emotions. Let me share this to you.

Life gives us an answer in three ways….
it says yes and gives you what you want
it says no and gives you something better, than what you asked for..
and it says wait and gives you the best..!

Obliviate Negativity!!! >___<

Good Vibes! 🙂


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