Job Hunt Adventure ^.^

Job Hunt # 9: go GROW glow!

I’ve been busy lately even though I’m not yet employed.. HAHA~ >.<  (I’ve decided on something and keep myself alive and kicking)

Back in my Job Hunt Adventure here I am again on the 9th.. and hopefully the last one.. hihihi…

August 23, 2011, Tuesday

Early Morning..I woke up.. knock knock knock on the door.its time for make up perfect smile.. and that was just a song. :p hahaha Sorry for being crazy.  Ok seriously.. this is what happened that day..

  • woke up early in the morning and wished rain will pour on me cause I’m really lazy that day. I have no MOTIVATION. I’ve experience many job hunting series and nothing happened. I’m really down.
  • Commute. sat on a supposed-to-be-3-ass-seat on a bus which is really for 2 and a half  ass seat. sigh.define dyahe.
  • Beside the enterprise.. I was there. Doing the same thing. ID on the reception. elevator. office. signing up application form.
  • I was surprised. really surprised! I think she’s more surprised.haha! Our neighbor is working on that company as an HR assistant. (it’s a small world after all (3x) ♫)
  • interview and then wait for a call.
  • the end of job hunt
After that, I went to SM Molino for meeting up with Lois. I am going to hand the Nanako CDST Samurai X ST Compilation (our sideline). We chit and chat. Encouraged each other because we are still unemployed.
I’ve learned from her prayer works in its most unexpected ways. You’ll just to believe even science has a proof. Maybe there’s a reason why we are still a bum or not having an official career. It’s okay now. Make most of the time on the things you love to do. Career will make you busy on things which are obliged. It will be tiring. Just enjoy. The perfect timing will come. 🙂
Good Vibes.  v(^.^)v

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