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Talents Showcase and Mall-all-day long..

August 26, 2011, Friday

Talentadong Pinoy invades SM Molino for a call of auditions which was held that day. Is it really my time to shine?

Nah.. It’s my brother’s shining moment.:p

He loves Poreotix. Obviously, the name of their group was adapted from it. It was all of a sudden. They just have known that TP will held an audition so the group gave a try. Fortunately, they managed to participate even though they were uber super late. I mean.. Mamita and I was there 10am sharp as a knife then they came 12pm. What the? Hey guys.. Are you really Serious about this. I was about to give up and go home. Mamita insisted and so they came. The Aunt of one of the members effectively convinced the TP Production so that they can get an Auditions Form.

Here’s their dance video:

Many people fall in line. Many people are aspiring to have this fame through showing their talents. Filipinos are really enthusiastic on showcasing talents. We are very well-known of that. I am proud of it.

The Judges : Wilma Doesnt and Kim Dinosaur

Wilma Doesnt  and Kim Dinosaur are the judges. It was really fun seeing them that time. too bad I was not able to have a picture with them. On the other hand..there was a group voyz avenue that entertains young girls and even women. haha. They look like a K-Pop. They are casts on Loko Moko U. Actually I don’t even know them but I remember they once dance in that show with empoy. ahahaha… When the auditions are over, my mom insisted me to have a picture with them. So here’s one of the member…

Me and Raffy of Voyz Avenue

So that’s that story. the end. haha!


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