Saving my First Kiss : A Book Review

Saving my First Kiss: why i'm keeping confetti in my closet by Lisa Velthouse (2003)

Short Description: 

By Default, Lisa Velthouse used to be a “party one.” Then she made it her own choice to date sparingly, purposely holding back the gift of her first kiss. She’s looking forward to the romantic day when she can present her lips to Mr. Right – and later break out the party supplies she has been keeping in her closet.

My Personal Review:

Okay. Another borrowed book  (like the princess diaries)… lend by Janapee and originally from Alu. (Yep! my high school friends)

SMFK is a book about the value of waiting for the right guy in your life and why not worry about being single.  Lisa still has virgin lips (20 years old oh my is this me?) which was really abnormal for in Western  culture. It is possible for us Asian people but not for the western countries. She knows how ridiculous other people think about her but still she’s planning to have “A First kiss party”.  She’s really consistent about it all throughout the book. haha!

The style of her narrations is per chapter but not a novel-like. Each chapter has different experiences and learnings. It is also a scripture-based . It was inspired by  different Bible verse. Lisa is a Christian. I’m not sure if Baptist or Born again. It influences her all the way in the stories.

Like this one :

Chapter One : Party Girl

Be Joyful always… give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Jesus Christ.

– 1 thessalonians 5:16, 18

One review for this  book said that it is too good to be true.  Most of the time love stories has so many complications. Something Innocent and young like this “waiting” thing is very rare right now.  Maybe it’s not applicable to all. The range of its readers may be very limited for those who are single. Not everyone can relate into it. Some can even be bitter about it. But.. I’m one who can relate. I’m one of those who are willing to wait. I know it sound so stupid to say in this century. I just know. I’ve decided and I know i’m not only the one. Still believing it’s really worth it. (Ok ako na NBSB! :p)

I’ll share to you a part from the last chapter (my favorite..hee hee)

Are you strong enough to wait for someone great? Are you trusting enough to think that God might have somebody amazing for you? Are you bold enough to believe that you deserve somebody amazing ?

Don’t let yourself fall in love with somebody just to say that you’ve fallen in love. Wait and Hope for the kind of guy you dream of. 

Don’t let your age or your circumstances diminish the way you dream. Wait and hope. 

Don’t lower your standards just so you can have a guy on your arm and vase full of flowers on your dresser. Wait and Hope. Don’t let your fear make you ignore the deepest dreams of your heart. Wait and Hope. 

I always hope it’s him. Dreaming that I’ll be the person tagged in his relationship status. That person whom I wanted to be my side while  watching a fireworks show. What if  he’s not really the one for me? Should I be emotionally wrecked? Who am I to demand God who I wanted to be the better half of my life?

Upon reading the book, I feel blessed. Now, if it’s not him…I believe I deserve someone amazing. (papa jang! cge hirit pa.. :p joke lang)


overall rating : ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5  (Confetti!)


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