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C.N.Blue’s FIRST STEP (the 1st album): Music Album Review

Title: First Step

Artist: C.N. Blue

Recording Company: FNC Music (Korea) / Universal Records (Philippines)

Date Released: March 21, 2011 (Korea) / May 21, 2011 (Philippines)

List of Songs:

01 Intuition
02 Love Girl
03  Imagine
04 I Don’t Know Why
05 Love rides the rain
06 Lie
07 One Time
08 Just Please
09 Wanna Be Like U
10 Ready N Go
11 Thank You
12 One Of A Kind (Bonus Track)

Music Sense:

First Step is the first full album of CNBLUE. With all the members in high demand for overseas activities and acting roles, this album took a long time coming, but CNBLUE is finally releasing their first full-length album. Continuing to deliver a fresh pop rock sound amid the electro-pop trend, First Step bears witness to not only the CNBLUE’s phenomenal rise as idols, but also their growth as musicians as the members participated in the writing, composing, and arrangement for many of the album’s tracks. First Step features the new songs “Intuition”, Love Girl, and “Imagine”, as well as the Korean versions of One Time and I Don’t Know Why, previously revealed on their Japanese single releases.


I was really ecstatic when I saw the last copy in Odyssey, SM South mall. The saleslady has seen the sparks on my eyes while holding the First Step album. I’m searching for it. My instinct is right. I can found it on SM South mall. Victory! *fireworks* I thought I can’t purchase it but my mom was supportive on my addiction and so she paid it for me. (But it’s a debt! Hahaha.. I need to be employed!) The price here in the Philippines is 500 Php. I’m expecting it to have a music video but there’s none. I am disappointed yet so happy! (Bipolar much?)

The album cover is simply color brown. There is a step of a shoe as it really conveys the meaning of the album literally. Inside the album, there are the CD with 12 songs and a mini booklet for the lyrics (written in mostly Hangul and a little English) and C.N.Blue members’ photos with their instruments. I love it!~ I believe 500 Php is worth for the great music and handsome faces. *giggles*

In Conclusion, the music of C.N. Blue in this album showcase their versatility when it comes to music arrangement (DJ-ing and rapping), melody, song compositions and vocals power. The band doesn’t stick on one genre only so for me they should not be labeled as K-POP. The Indie taste is still there. No wonder why they are rising. I made a right choice. I am a very proud boice. Keep it up C.N. Blue! More albums to come! ♥



My Top 5 favorite songs:

  • Intuition

–       It has the best music video among the songs. The song is about a feeling of near break-up with your partner and you just can’t let go. I love the DJ-ing in the first part and the arrangement is so cool. LSS for step by step 1 2 3 dip dip da ree du…~ 

  • L.O.V.E. Girl

–       The first CN Blue song I have listened to. It has a cute MV. Every time I’m listening to it, I feel like serenaded by CNBLUE. I always imagine I’m the girl in the video. The song will make you dance and rap at the same time. Haha!

  • Thank you

–       The song was composed by Lee Jong Hyun. Bravo Jong Hyun! It’s original version is ARIGATOU (Japanese version). I really love this unplugged song in the album. It’s relaxing and inspiring. (Dedicated for BOICE) 

  • Imagine

–       The song is sweet and light. The intro of guitar is similar to Lucky of Jason Mraz but not totally alike. It explains how love plays in our imagination. Imagining holding hands with someone.. yeah something like that. Sigh..romance.. They are my Imagine Love. 

  • One of a Kind

–       It has Eng-rish lyrics. (haha!) I know they’ll improve their English language someday. It sounds good. I love the lyrics. I dedicate this song to Kang min hyuk *blush*



love lots!  *fireworks*


3 thoughts on “C.N.Blue’s FIRST STEP (the 1st album): Music Album Review

  1. Loved, loved, loved, your review of this awesome album. So funny — and so very right. I’d pay any amount of money I could afford, just to bask in the glow of all that CNBLUE awesomeness. CNBLUE is the most underrated band in the world; five years after you posted this, they still deliver the goods . . . every time! I hope you’re still listening! 🙂

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