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Passion put into Action…

One of the main theme of my blogs is about my passion (refer to my blog site’s tagline) . Passion is a factor that drives me to be productive. These are the things I enjoy doing.

Not Passion for Emotion, but Passion for Devotion.

I found a this blog written by Marcella about passion. In able for you to know your passion in life, there are 7 questions you need to answer. And so,  I’m doing my own version too.

7 Questions To Finding Your True Passion.

♥ What puts a smile on your face?

MUSIC.  No doubt, music always makes my day whenever or wherever I am.  It’s something I want to live with so I’m dreaming of being a musician. I prefer a MUSIC album than a MOVIE DVD or A ticket for a Concert than A  ticket with free popcorn for Cinemas.

DRAMAS.  To be specific, I really like Korean or Japanese dramas. I’m fond of watching  a DVD or an online streaming. Whenever I got to watch dramas, I’m learning the realities in life. My favorite genres are romance, slice of life and music.

Inspiring Reads. Books are great mind investment. If you want to learn worthy thoughts, invest with good books. When I got problems, I refer to some self-help or inspiring books like Purpose Driven, little things in love life laugh, and many more. It inspires me.

What do I find easy?

Hmmm.. I’m not that super skilled person to be Ms. Know it all. But, if I have to mention what are the things that i find easy to do. Well, let me think about it.

Ok! Expressing through written words. Blogging is one of my thoughts and emotions outlet. I’m not a very outspoken person even I am a communication graduate.  When I’m comfortable, I can really speak a lot but not all times. I mean it’s seldom. I’m more of a listener. Then, computer related tasks. Maybe, I find it easy because I’m living in this generation. It’s easy for me to adapt PC techniques like making blogsites or SNS.. haha! And.. aha, Daydreaming. It’s easy for me to picture stories in my mind. I also have a photographic memory. It’s amazing and scary at the same time. I refrain myself watching horror films. A big no for my photographic memory. >.< I forgot to mention.. Adapting other languages with the accent.. hahaha through watching animes  and dramas. haha!

♥ What sparks your creativity?

I have two words to answer this : INSPIRATION AND IMAGINATION.

♥ What would you do for free?

Through my own efforts, I’m willing to give a helping hands to those who are in need. hmmm.. Does it mean what I volunteer for? Doing Write ups. I did it for my university chapel. I love being involved.  Taking pictures on events. It brings me a good feeling seeing smiles on people and making it a still memory. 🙂

♥ What do you like to talk about?

I want to talk about.. LOVE? hahaha.. not really. It’s not appropriate for a NBSB like me. But, I must admit I love hearing love stories. what else? I love talking about  life experiences, music, pets, imaginations, Korea, career and nostalgic moments. yeah!

♥ What make you unafraid of failure?

Same with Marcella.. Writing. I know I’m not a good writer. Many writers out there are much better than me. A better writing style.. More organized thoughts.. has richer vocabulary banks … but then, I keep writing.

I experience many critics on my grammar or the way my thoughts rode on my words. I was not able to be a part of the School paper in my college though in high school I was. It’s something I want to do for my career. Now, I’m not working for a publishing company like what I’m thinking of though I became an intern in UNO Magazine. I keep chasing but my Editorial dream seems to fly away. The funny thing about me is I’m still consistent through Blogging especially in making reviews and look… I’m here writing.  I’m not so sure on my grammar but my fingers won’t stop typing. For I believe, anywhere or anytime someone can read my thoughts through these words.:) 

What would you regret not having tried?

Being a Musician. Like I said in the first question, I really love to be one.  I admire musicians most of the time. The sad thing is I don’t have a proper training on music and my guitar is not working now. >.< Currently, I’m a multimedia associate (part-time job) in Muzette Music Center in Alabang. Tina’s (my highschool BFF ) family owns a music school. Who knows it can be a key on my musical dream..? hehehe..

Trip Abroad. OMG ! Now, I have my passport I’m crazy about flying to other countries. SEOUL. PARIS. NEWYORK!! wait for me !!!! weee.. hahaha..

I haven’t post a personal thought in this blog site for a long time. Now with this, I realize what my heart desires. I was able to see what my capabilities are. This passion should be put into action. Make a move and Bring it on.

Thank God for letting me live with passion.  🙂 ♥


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