Seoul Seoul Market

ate: November 7, 2011

Location:  Seoul Seoul Market ,Alabang Town Center (Philippines)

Anneonghaseyo! Welcome to Seoul Seoul Market.

Don’t you think it’s in Korea? Nope. It’s only in the Philippines.  How I wish I could be in Korea someday. Aigoo! >.<

I keep posting about these foods but there’s only one Tina bought in the pictures shown. (it’s in the first picture with the hand.hahaha) It’s the caramel crackers. . And Oh yes! Really thanks to her for buying me food and showing me this store recommended by her ex-korean student in violin.   I went to Alabang for the  MMC teaser shooting. (working part-time in Tina’s family music school) I got 2 hours break and so we went on ATC to stroll.yey!

This is Tina Camua aka Nanako Sumemura.

Here we are posing outside the store.

Enjoying the tour in the store.

and hahahha.. Me insecure with her hair! hahaha..(sabunutan kita teh.joke!) We just had fun so camu suggested to take a picture of me beside the Korean shampoo model.

It’s my 1st entry for the travelogue category. Hope you like it. !♥

ps: I haven’t taken a picture of the food we have  eaten together which is  melona ice cream melon and strawberry flavor. >.< super yummy! ^^v♥ but, here is what it looks like.

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