Job Hunt Adventure ^.^

Career Update!…

Hi Guys! ♥

It’s been a while where I post some personal related stuff or my narrations here in word press. I just find it good to post more of reviews cause  I  can’t say anything with my ordinary life right now. I’m watching too much of Asian  dramas as my past time. And, I love it!! ♥

Ok! To give you an update on what’s happening on my career particularly. yay.. You know back then I’m telling every time I go out for Job Hunting. There was the time I stopped. Not because, I’m tired of blogging but I loss motivation. I suffered emotionally.I  found myself being “Left Behind” for not having an Official Job where one by one my closest friends started already a new chapters of their life which is  the corporate world. Aigoo~

As for me, I’m not really a BUM or unemployed actually I already got a part-time job in Alabang as being involved in multimedia. I’m glad because it’s something I enjoy doing so no regrets. It’s MUSIC related so I’m really thankful and blessed.  It’s practical in my part too. A good thing about it also is I’m with my friends Lois and Camu. (It’s Camu’s family business) Later on, Lois got also her official job so  she wasn’t able to participate more in the tasks for the music studio. Camu by that time is also working in PAL.  So I am alone and go EMO. yak?chos..

Everytime I go EMO, I listen to this song…

No ever sees.. No one feels the pain.. I shed teardrops in the rain….

See how CNBLUE keep me inspired  through music during my downfall moments..

I won’t be specific on my experiences anymore. In some point, I get disappointed for making me hang on in to something that doesn’t exist. Aigoo~ Chasing my dream job right now is not the right time but who  knows next time I’m there. I’m hopeless but still hoping. 

I still believe nothing is wasted.  I’ve learned a lot on this experience and who’s the REAL people around me. 🙂 yeah…!  My part-time is about to end . (excited for the recital) As of Now, I’m preparing to be an ESL teach.. hihihi! It would be challenging because I’m not trained as a teacher but I will be exciting at the same time. I’ll do my best! Fighting! ♥

MINHYUUUKiiee and the rest of  CNBLUE keeps me inspired right now….Also the support of my parents and super chinggus!!! Above all the Grace from God! yeah !

Fighting!!!! ♥


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