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[Special] The Year-End Blog (2011)

December 31, 2011

Hello everyone! ^.^

Today is New Year’s Eve.! Everyone is so excited and so I am. I miss word press very much. It’s been a while that I haven’t post anything as my commitment of being a blogger here.

So to start with..

These are the things I am thankful for this year….

1. When I graduated in College.…Yeah! I made my parents really happy and so do I . Good bye student life! hahaha! One Goal accomplished.

2. The long break. Unlike my other batch mates who did get job right away, it’s a different thing for me because I’ve waited for so long. I’ve experienced many struggles when it comes to finding a job. I became hopeless yet I learned a lot. This super vacation for  7 months after graduation made me accomplish to watch many Asian dramas which I miss doing, arranged my blogging sites and even earn from it, hang out with my old good friends, lend a help in our house and read many books.  It’s productive right! Nothing is a waste. 🙂

2. End of Unrequited love. Oh yeah…I think I can consider this one as my first romance or love. I’ve been in love for 4 years for one guy which is one-sided love.The thought that I  will get a chance to be with him again seems a chance  to end it all. FAIL! I gave up to chase the never-ending pavements. I’m still thankful for him . He’s always kind to me no matter what. I wish good luck in his life.  So much for my happy ending.. </3 disconnected.

3. I ♥ CNBLUE. Wew! I think this one is really memorable. Thank you heartstrings. Thank you Ate Cris Palcon. You made me discover this amazing guys on Earth…Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Lee Jung Shin and KANG MIN HYUK ! ♥ Code Name Blue ! I love you! ♥ They are the one who became my inspiration when I fail to get my dream job and after the disconnection of my first love. Their music helps me to move on.. TRY AGAIN, SMILE AGAIN ~ okay? ♥ hehehehe….After that, I became vibrant and continue to live my life with a smile. Thank you lord..! I met my soulmate Kang Min Hyuk too.. 🙂 The Drum God.. the ideal better half…the future father of my children. hahaha! :p KOMAWAYO! ARIGATOU! THANK YOU!

4. MUZETTE Music.! One of the coolest things I got involved in. It’s a music school. I was able to learn the process of doing a RECITAL. Thanks teacher Amy for the opportunity. 🙂 and so to my BFF Camu.. ♥♥♥ I’ll enroll myself someday. :p hahaha!

5. Meet Teacher Abby! ❤ ~ Who’s teacher Abby anyway? hahaha! No other than me. Yes, I am officially employed this  December. Thank you lord.. As I told in my prayer, hoping to have a an official job before Christmas.  My Christmas Wish was granted. The day after I left my part time, I’m hired as an ESL teacher for Koreans. And I love Koreans… Alam mu yan! ♥♥ Oppa Everyday, everyday OK! 🙂 

Looking forward to 2012… Please be GOOD  BEST for us.. ^.^ Dragon year…!

Party like it’s the end of the world.. Anyway…No one really knows when will the world end…?


2011 signing OFF!



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