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The Little Things ♥ (+ life update)


It’s been a while where I haven’t post anything here in WordPress. OMG! I’m soooo busy or what? I think it is the first post this 2012. hehehehe! Anyway, It’s nice to be back here. I haven’t updated you about my life right now. This post will do it. Ok? And, Hopefully I will able to make reviews again especially korean dramas soon…kk~

Now, I’m living as an ESL teacher for Korean students. I’m still here. I’m already 2 months old in this job. Though it’s far from what people are expecting me to be, I’m a teacher now. Deal with it! I’m in love with this job right now. There are times that I want to quit because of the company’s management and salary issue still my heart wants to stay. Why? because of these little things….

That’s her present for me..tsk! cnblue love forlever~

Do the pictures said it well?  I guess so. Pictures tell a lot of stories so I really keep them.:) Every time I see these, I smile because of them. Aigoo~ At times, I got emotional when they’re going back to our their country Korea.  hahaha! ~

Now, I really admire our teachers.  Teaching the young ones  are delicate because you’re not only responsible for molding  their English skills but also the values and discipline that they should have to be  good citizen/person. And again,  Hello Cliche’! “Patience is a virtue” hahaha! (especially I’m handling kids most of the time)

I am Blessed and thankful.  I’m glad that my job right now fits on my interests. I’m not just teaching but also learning from my students. I think that’s the best part of it, the give and take relationship.  They say, it’s like you’re studying again and it’s kinda boring. For me, I take it as an advantage because I’m planning to take up my Masteral Degree. I don’t know if I can still go back in Media.  The answer can be.. Maybe.. why not? I always wanted to be an editor in chief so hello Print Media! I still want to write. hahaha!

. Step by step.123 dipdipdaridu..ahaha joke.. ehem..I mean..It’s just the First step.  Even if the success I’m thinking is still far away from me , I’ll be patient to wait.

To end this blog entry.. I’ll leave a bible verse from my friend (Tina Camua) because she wrote a letter for me. Yesterday is my birthday!:p hahaha. So , it’s her gift.

My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts, says the lord. And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine”

-Isaiah 55:8


9 thoughts on “The Little Things ♥ (+ life update)

    1. To be honest I have ups and downs with teachers, maybe I have mentioned to you before on twitter too.

      What I like about teachers?
      1. They are my foundation, our foundation as a human being to evolve and improve ourselves into a better person than yesterday
      2. They are my savior. I wouldn’t be able speak english this good if I hadn’t undergone any torture back then but I love it lol Thank you very much for my previous english teacher from Europe.
      3. I love teachers who are not too bookish. I know books are equals to knowledge but life is also equals to knowledge. You can’t always get your knowledge out of the book and apply it directly on our real life. What makes the knowledge perfect is that if you are able to mix them both.

      What I dislike about teachers?
      1. Sometimes they are too bookish and asking the students to keep studying and doing a homework is like a must in their life. Be creative and makes the school is an adventure in life not a prison of must.
      2. I can’t blame the students all the time to get bored on class but let’s get real here. Have you ever wondered why they won’t listen to you? it’s because they have no interest not on the subject but the teacher. I have studied a boring Chinese reading lesson before but the teacher was very interesting enough to keep me reading (I dislike reading lesson myself and what if they are in Chinese chars?!?!). Why? The teacher is simply perfect on my eyes. The way she taught me makes me glued to her and wouldn’t want to keep my eyes off the book. She is unique and knowledgeable.
      3. Dictating the students as if they were the most intelligent people in the universe and sometimes they even gave low marks just because of disagreement with the students’ answers. I have been taught by the best teacher at my university back then. Let’s call him Mr. Richard since it’s his name. He allowed the students to have different opinions even if it against him and as long as those still make sense. Sadly, he has retired.

      These ups and downs still allow me to be thankful for teachers to be part of my life. I hope you can inspire your students to leave marks on their heart forever as a good teacher 🙂


      1. I really love hearing comments like this! I never try to be too ‘bookish’ with my students either. I remember in school how booooring it was when your teacher would make you read through textbook after textbook and then answer questions. I think many people think history is boring because their teachers make it boring. History shouldn’t be about memorizing dates, and memorizing facts through textbooks. History can be quite exciting! Which goes to show then when students get bored in class, you need to make it fun and exciting for them. You need to show them why they should care enough to learn about it. You always learn more from teachers when they make classes interesting, personal to you, and have life experience lessons.

        I’ve had a teacher who gave me bad marks because I disagreed with their statement. The fact is that teachers can learn more from students, than students from teachers. And teachers main priority should be about the students growth and progress, not making themselves feel superior. I totally know what you’re talking about, and I’m sorry you ever had teachers like that!

        Thank you for sharing these comments with me. I always want to improve my teaching so that I can actually help students.

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      2. I can see that coming from you that’s why I said in twitter that you are a great teacher and no wonder you have lots of twitter followers 🙂
        Continue to inspire other teachers and hopefully those bad teachers got inspiration to change themselves too.
        You are more than welcome!

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      3. Then again, you have this really long answer here too. XD I agree with everything you said. Some students right now doesn’t have an ambition to be a teacher because it wont make you a millionaire plus it entails a lot of paper works and patience. Despite of that, I find this profession fulfilling. I still have plans to teach again in the near future. (To be a college professor) As of now, I am loving my Freelance life so that’s it.. 🙂

        How about you? Do you see yourself as a teacher too?

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      4. Yeah lol I am becoming ambitious today to attack your blog with long answers. Does it even means attacking lol
        Yes, you are right being teachers in Asia won’t promise you a rich living profession or job. I find that teachers should be paid more and not the corrupted school…
        That’s very nice of you! I hope you will be rewarded.
        I don’t have the ambition to become a teacher at all not because of the money but I am impatient. I just don’t want to make any students cry because I am going to yell at them if they disobey me 😀
        But I got your point where I could be good at teaching. Somehow leader and teacher have a good connection. By leading people also means that I am teaching them how to act.
        I might be a teacher sharing my knowledge too in the future 🙂


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