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The 4th Blogversary! 12.22.14




  It took me a long time to be back here. (2 years) I miss Blogging. If I can only tell you what happened to me in details, you won’t believe it. Actually, it’s really TRAGIC and MIND DESTROYING.  Maybe, I can post about it someday. I won’t use this post. It’ll spoil the fun, okay!

These songs may give you a hint of what happened to me:

So, it’s your 4th birthday. Sou desu ne…. I’ve read that some readers leave comments. I received 10 comments from my different blog posts.  It made me happy. 😀 Thanks guys! I’ll continue making blogs and share it with the whole world. Will our readers expect some changes? Yes, they will. It’s not really a big change with this Blog site but I’ll add some categories like Fashion and Features. I’ve got into fashion recently so expect some Fashion blogs to be published. The Features Category will be for some sort of advertisements. What else? Other than that, I’ll just continue with my Reviews. Making Reviews (Movie, Drama, Animation and Book) is really the main focus on this blog site.

I want to share this song since it’s almost Christmas. It’s really cool. Against the Current’s rock version of “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey.

Happy Holidays!


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