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Simbang Gabi


Simbang Gabi (Misa de Gallo) is a Filipino-Catholic Tradition where people attend a mass in preparation for Christmas. It happens for 9 days. The tenth day is Christmas Day. It can be held in the evening or early in the morning. There is also a belief that if you can complete the 9 days of attending mass, your wish can be granted. The four candles have meanings also but I’m not really very familiar about it so I would skip to discuss it. But, I think it’s a guide as days pass until lighting the big white candle for Christmas day.




It’s been a long time I haven’t post anything related on what’s happening in my life. This Christmas (2014), my mom and I have attended “Simbang Gabi” in the MIP Church for 2 days only. It’s near our home. It’s convenient to attend mass. I’ve donated the Tenson beginner guitar for their Music Ministry. That guitar tells a really one disappointing and sad happening in my life so I’ve decided to donate it. (Oh! Why am I telling this? *sigh*) Anyway, I would love to complete the 9 days but I don’t have any wish yet. Also, I felt that my recovery is already enough. Asking anything from the high power is not my purpose there but just to be grateful.

In the mass homilies, I’ve always heard of “Nothing is impossible with God”. An Italian priest discussed about “Don’t ask for small miracle, ask for a big one” because “Nothing is impossible when you have Faith”. My mom told me that the message is for me because in every mass that we attend, it’s always the topic. Even in Baclaran church, there is a big post about that phrase. I was thinking that my recovery is already a Miracle. It happened because of the people who prayed for me especially my mom. The message wants to show me that even though I’m broken already, it’s not impossible for me to get fixed again. I am like a broken clay pot or Glass. Even if you fix it, you can still see the trace of damage. But with miracle and prayers, that Broken Clay pot or Glass can be turned into a Brand new one or even a better one. I was silenced like Zachary (bible character) because I doubted. One doubt can break Faith. That happened to me. I’ve realized it’s a big lesson for me.

The main reason of Simbang Gabi is really this:


There’s no baby Jesus yet in the picture because we’ve attended 4th and 7th day mass. I just find this picture like a Television Camera shot. (in my eyes) Thanks to my Canon Power Shot SX120IS because I was able to capture this High Resolution shot. I am so happy about it! I hope I can make more inspiring blogs with my camera.

“Be Patient. God is not finished with me yet”


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