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24, Begin Again


Hello Mid-20’s! I am away now with the teenage dramas. I want to embrace the next phase of my life, it’s the early adulthood. I don’t know if I am still a young adult. Why am I so concerned with my age category? HAHA.

Maturity. It’s the thing I am really working out. I want to be matured in a lot of things right now especially in my career, personality and appearance. I want to be someone who is respected by people. As always, I want to bring out the best in me. I know it’s not easy but that’s my goal right now.

                                                         Short Hairstyle. Birthday Girl

Changes and improvements.  Goodbye to my full bangs look. Having a full bangs hairstyle makes me really look like a high school student.  I also can’t imagine myself with a long hair anymore. I don’t know. Now, I am embracing my short hair look. I suddenly prefer a short hairstyle. When I watch some TV Series, most of the career women wear a short hair. I like it. It’s convenient and comfortable. So, I am ready for this change. Bring it on!  How about Make-up (Cosmetics)? Ok, this is my recent interest. Before, I’m not really into Make-ups. I thought it’s gay. As you grow old, you’ll appreciate it. I become interested on it. Make-Up is an Art Form. It’s like painting or drawing. It’s also one of the mandatory things in the corporate world. Talk about formality.  I think my make-up skill has gone better. Reading Tricia Gosingtian’s Beauty Blogs helped me. She’s one of the top blogger here in the Philippines. I really admire everything she blogs. She became my style idol recently. We have this same preferences on a lot of things. I am really happy too when she replied on my email. ^^v Arigatou ne, Tricia!


When it comes to music, the K-POP era is already over for me. Yeah! Actually, I don’t really like K-POP. I only like the band, CNBLUE (Korean band) and IU (Korean Female Singer). Two years ago, I’m obsessed with CNBLUE. Their music is pop rock and really catchy. Now, there came a point that I don’t even want to see their faces. HAHA! How was that? But, I still like them. The thing that change is I am not crazy over them anymore. (Or anything Korean) Recently, I am fond of listening to “Against the Current” (New York Alternative Rock Band). I already have a crush on @DanielGow (the band guitarist). I love Chrissy Constanza’s (band vocalist) make-up and fashion style too. Next time I’ll talk more about them. As of now, here is one of their recent cover song. I love it! I want to sing it with Adam Lambert. HAHA! (In my Dreams!)

2015 (Year of the Sheep).  I am born under this sign (1991). So, I am looking forward for a good and prosperous year to come. But of course, I should equip everything with prayers still. Here comes the phrase BEGIN AGAIN. (A Taylor Swift song?) I am like starting off again. I think nothing’s wrong with that. Just keep moving!

The Mid 20’s life crisis.  This is my struggle right now. When you see your batchmates in FB living their dreams already or have a good career standing already, it belittles me for some reason. It’s just normal I guess. I’m just saying to myself that if that bad luck didn’t happen to me most probably I am like them too. It’s okay, Lovely! (I am cheering myself) So, this is what I call the “Self-Motivating” spirit. Anyway, I’ve read in CLEO (Singaporean Magazine) about “The mid 20’s crisis”.  Sometimes, you’ll see yourself just crying alone in your room thinking about your status in life. It happened to me. The article is right. Most of the time, I am thinking of some regrets and achievements I want.  I know I can overcome this too. Let it Go, girl!

Gratitude. My mom likes listening to Rhonda Byrne’s Audio Books in YouTube. One time there’s a topic about gratitude. It’s also a good virtue in life. It’s a value of giving thanks for all the blessings, big or small.  I am still grateful for everyhting I have right now. (My recovery, my family, my laptop and my wordpress blogsite <3) I just want to be thankful.  I also have my birthday wish already but it’s a secret. HAHA!

To my readers, I am also thankful for you. I hope I can do more blogs in the future. Also, I want to have a blog site that everyone would love to follow. I’ll leave you with this quote:

“Don’t dismiss your dreams. To be without dreams is to be without hope, to be without hope is to be without purpose.”



3 thoughts on “24, Begin Again

  1. You’re mirroring my own thoughts when I turned 24 last year! Happy Birthday! Welcome to your mid-twenties! 24 is a good year, I was behind everyone at the beginning of it but was able to overtake a few by the end, I am sure you can too 🙂

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    1. Wow! ^^ So you are a year older… Oh Thank you for what you have said. Thanks for that inspiring statement…^^v It’s so good to know that someone out there understands what I’m going through. It made me happy! 😀 I’ve checked your blogsite. You like K-ON and Beck! I think we’re in the same boat. ^^~ Also, Thanks for the follow too. I’ll follow you back as well… Nice to meet you here in wordpress, Otaku Rui! (v^^v)


  2. >^.^< I turn 25 in June 🙂 I completely get what you mean! The mid-twenties crisis is a genuine thing! 🙂 I love K-on! and Beck, in fact the music of Beck is now my ultimate pick-me-up music! 😀 Thank you very much for following me 🙂 I love your blog so far and can't wait to read more. I found you via LitaKino's Liebster nominations 🙂

    It's lovely to meet you too, the pleasure is all mine 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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