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Yeng Constantino Live @ The District Ayala mall, Dasmariñas, Cavite (03/08/15)




Yeng Constantino promoted her 6th album “ALL ABOUT LOVE”. Yeng’s hit single “IKAW” which is dedicated to her husband, Yan Asuncion is in this album.

         Picture time while waiting for Yeng… ^^


The crowd was so ecstatic as we all await for Yeng’s arrival on the performance venue.  Everyone was holding their cameras while waiting. The event’s emcee keeps kidding around for the introduction until finally Yeng arrives on the stage.  I screamed along with the people when Yeng started to sing “Jeepney” for the start of the of her album promotion show.  She greeted the people. She’s overwhelmed with the warm welcome of the Caviteños. After that, she sang the song “Chinito” with some cute dance steps.  The audience sang along with this song. Of course, I sang too because I know this song. HAHA!  She told the audience that she didn’t expect that we’ll have this kind of energy. Some Yengsters standing on the 2nd floor even brought a poster saying “We love you, Yeng!” I believe she felt their support to her too.


IMG_1077 IMG_1078

IMG_1076Then, She introduced one of her songs in her album entitled “Dito ka lang sa Tabi”.  I love it! Though, I haven’t heard it on radio yet. I think it’s really a good song too. Then, she throwed posters.  My jumping skill was not enough to catch one. HAHA! It’s okay. Listening to the song “Ikaw” Live! is the big catch anyway. It’s still unbelievable. ! After singing, the table was set for the album autograph signing.  Okay! Let’s go to the Album Signing. I was too excited for this one.


I was able to meet and greet the Philippines Pop Rock Princess. She’s very warm and beautiful in person. I am really game for this pictorial of course with my cute mamita. HAHA! The picture taking is fun though I want more pictures with her.


I can’t hide my happiness. I usually don’t smile a lot in pictures. But look at me! HAHA…I am a one happy kid.

                                 The Crowd…!!

I just realized that it’s less a month since her wedding. I think her schedule is hectic because she is still able to have this album promotion in Cavite after 2 or 3weeks. Well, that’s the life of a star. It’s not really a big deal especially when you love what you’re doing.

  • “Salamat”
  • “Time-In”
  • “Sasakay ako sa aking pangarap”
  • “Jeepney”
  • “Lapit”
  • “Pag-ibig”
  • “Ikaw”

I also discovered something that really surprised me. Her husband Yan Asuncion is actually Victor Asuncion the lead vocalist of the band “Indios”. I double checked it. I was right! It was a coincidence.  HAHA!  I’ve worked before on my friend’s music school. The drums teacher there is the “Indios” drummer so   I’ve got to purchase their album.  I actually have a copy of the “Indios” album Major Fall, Minor Lift. I like the sound of “Indios”. Their song “Rachel” is playful and fun.


Everything is connected, isn’t it? My experience with Yeng Constantino’s gig was really fun. I hope I can attend more events like this and even write about it too. (Coz, you know I love doing this! Haha)

“True Love always prevails”

Photos : (c)lovelydelmundo


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