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FASHION: Spring Break ain’t over! (#OOTD)


Modelling: Lovely del Mundo

Make up: Lovely Del Mundo

Photography: Mamita

Location: California Hills (My mom’s College Friend House) and The District Ayala Mall


Skirt, New Idol

Blouse, Unknown

Shoes, Shoebox

Shades, D&G (Thanks Tita Ana! )

Grasshopper Bag, Unknown (Thanks Crisgine!^^)

Do I look like a blind person? haha! I am just exhausted. a medium-portrait shot. >.< Chillax…

Photo-shoot Day: 03/20/2015 This is my Fashion Blog for Spring. I was inspired by everything I saw in Tokyo Fashion Twitter. Also, it’s actually more similar to Taylor Swift’s fashion in her Begin Again mv. I know this look doesn’t really like those competitive fashion blogs. It’s my own personal style as I am still new and experimenting on this kind of blog.

There was a Spring Fever. I learned that Spring Fashion is somewhat refreshing and having cool colors. I like Spring Season personally because it’s a sign you’ve survived in winter. Everything is starting to blossom again. Just like my life right now, I have overcome the coldness of winter. Now, I am embracing the warmth of Spring. ^^ I don’t live in a country with four seasons but I understand the process. In Fashion, the theme is usually associated with the four seasons. (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Collection)

The Sunshine obeyed me. Thumbs up! ^^ This photo-shoot happened because my mom just asked me to go with her. An idea popped out in my head after she has asked me. Okay! Let’s do a Spring Inspired Photo-shoot! I would like to apologize with the background on the 2nd location (the garden of The District). We overlooked the closed shop at the back. I didn’t notice it. I just noticed everything when I am already editing the photos. I am not yet satisfied with this. Next Time, I’m going to do better! And better and better… to become BEST! ^^

Hope you like it! ^^~

A beauty that is yet to blossom


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