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Friday Shopping 041715

Hi wordpress people! I really don’t post anything about my daily life activities anymore unlike before. Since my good blogger friend, Raymond, suggested to make a blog about my shopping day and the things that I bought, I decided then to blog about it here in wordpress. 😉 #blogoriented


It’s summer now. It’s really hot here. I really prefer to stay inside air-conditioned places like malls. Also, Mall is one of the places that you’ll spot me at because I am good at window shopping. HAHA! When it comes to shopping, the best shopping place in Asia as the survey says in the internet are Tokyo, Japan (Ranked #1) and Hong Kong, China (Ranked #2). Do you believe in that?  (Just a trivia!)


Tokyo, Japan ~ Photo Credit: Tricia Gosingtian


Hongkong, China  ~ Photo Credit: Tricia Gosingtian

We went to the mall today to pay for the internet bill. Internet is the fuel of my blogging life. I really make sure to be updated with Globe (our internet server) because if not, good luck! Bye Internet Connection! :p I’ll be kicked-out here in the online world.

Here’s a photo essay of the little shopping spree I did:

photo (5)

~Dear Black Shoes, take me to Great Success! ^^ I really don’t spend a lot on foot wear. I also have an American size foot so sometimes it’s hard for me to get the design that I want when it comes to shoes. I only buy when I need. I decided to buy black shoes because I need it. (Formality) I’m thinking to buy boots to someday too.

photo (4)

I tweeted last time that I have eyebrows problem so yeah the eyebrows razors will be really helpful for me.  It’s so cute too because it sooo thin and lavender. Haha! Then, There’s the eye shadow brush too because I think it’s more effective to use than the small eye shadow applicator. #Girlstuffs

photo (3)

Banana Bananana~ Banana….Potato gah…! ~ I can be really childlike sometimes because I love animated films. It’s also one of my favorite animation film. So,  I end up buying this Minions printed shirt. I think it’s good for a summer look. \(^o^)/

photo (1)

This is my lunch. I didn’t get to capture my whole lunch because the phone got lowbat. Lumpiang Sariwa is the best. It’s a wrapped up veggies whith a sweet sauce. Yum! I also ate pork barbeque. ^.^


Thanks for reading. Do you have any thoughts about shopping too? Share your thoughts about it by leaving some comments below. ^^~


12 thoughts on “Friday Shopping 041715

  1. Your shopping attitude is still normal for a girl which is good! Mostly girls are crazy and bought a lot in tons lol
    Internet bills is really killing me sometimes.
    That’s a delicious lunch, I don’t mind getting shared.

    I mostly shopping for the things I need. My weakness is on the electronic stuffs. I need a black sunglasses to cover me for help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah…! I am still normal. Do you know the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”? That’s the worst attitude… haha.. I am not really a material girl.

      Yeah,,but internet is really important for us bloggers…

      It’s just a simple lunch unlike yours… (-.-) Aww.. Seafoods + a good interiors in of a restaurant….Don’t worry I will take good pictures next time… >.<

      HAHAHAH! Electronics stuffs are more expensive..You need a blindfold..It will bring a blackhole to your wallet…hahaha!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t be fooled by my photography. I can make almost anything looks expensive :p
        There are more expensive restaurants nearby but I chose the one that suits my budget, photography needs, as well as my mood.
        Yes you can anyway I think I need to make a tutorial about using editing apps to help other bloggers 🙂
        Oh please send me one ☝before it’s too late.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It actually looked like an expensive one…hahaha! Thanks for suggesting this blogging anyway… At least, I got motivated to make a Daily Life blog…^^v peace out!


      1. Well, Thanks! ^^v Okay, I’ll look forward to that. Blog about a typical day of Lita. HAHA! 😀 Have you seen my Tora Dora : Anime Review ? I want to know your opinion about that anime too. ^o^


  3. I shop… for books. HAHAHA. Whenever I go to the mall, all I think about is books, books, and more books. Although, I moved to a new apartment a few months back and I’m still shopping for house items. I can’t do it in one shopping splurge. I’ll end up broke for the rest of the year. If only buying appliances and other homey-whatnots are as cheap as buying clothes and books. Hah.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are really a book lover… 😀 hahaha! What’s your favorite book store? When it comes to buying books, I prefer “Fully Booked”. They are more complete. “Book Sale” offers cheaper books. I usually borrow books than buying..hehehe…

      That means you’re not living with your family anymore coz you moved into a new apartment. I’m curious about the feeling about living independently. hmmm…Adult life! hahaha!


      1. Booksale is a go to if you have the patience to dig into book piles to find something you want. I only go to FB if I can’t find a copy in NBS or sometimes I order online via Book Depository.

        I’d been living independently for almost 6 years now but I was with someone back then. It was only now that I can say I’m really living alone because literally—
        I am. It feels liberating most of the time but if you aren’t used to living on your own, you’ll have a lot of adjustment to do. For me, financially? Not so much. I’d been supporting myself ever since I started working. But emotionally? Bummer. It was HARD.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, one time I am looking for a book in Book sale. I am asking the sales lady about it but she just told me to find it on my own..duh! then, I also tried inquiring in NBS about a certain book.. They responded quick..NBS is good too..
        Ah . I see… I think if I go independent too I must be prepared financially and all aspect for myself too… But for me you are admirable to live independently… yung iba kasi may pamilya na sa magulang parin nakatira.. I mean…diba?


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