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“The PICC Feast with Bo Sanchez Experience”

By: Lovely Del Mundo

“Bo Sanchez is a preacher, leader and entrepreneur. He is the author of 25 selling books and publisher of eight magazines. Bo also has a weekly TV Show, a daily radio program, and daily Internet TV Show, a daily radio program, and daily internet TV. He travels extensively around the world as a powerful speaker. So far, he has addressed audiences in 14 countries, including 36 cities in North America. “

Reading the description above about Bo Sanchez is really admirable. Would you believe that he can still preach every Sunday with his inhuman schedules? He’s a walking miracle for me. The time has come. I was given a chance to meet Bo Sanchez in person. It’s quite overwhelming to meet one of my favorite authors and let him sign the book. He’s really an inspiring author.  I am going to make a book review about his book too. Watch out for that! ^^



Recently, I am always getting these invitations that are anything related to God. Our neighbor is inviting me to attend a Bible Study and Prayer Meetings.  My college organization (La Salle Dasma – Campus Peer Ministry) is inviting me for a retreat or something alumni gathering. And, My cousin is consistently inviting me to attend The PICC Feast with Bo Sanchez. (Actually, my cousin is the most consistent with all those invitations…hahaha! XD) I was really passive these past years about my spiritual life after that trial to me. It was really hard for me. But then, the light of God has reached me and made me come back to him. I felt bliss and excitement about that. My worries and anxiety disappeared. Now, I am ready to face the next step in my life. I accepted my cousin invitation. April 26, 2015, Sunday was marked and noted in my calendar!

The Philippines International Convention Center (PICC) is the venue for “The Feast”, a weekly prayer gathering of the Light of Jesus Family. PICC is a very classy and spacious place/venue. I didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t able to take picture of its interiors and architectural beauty. I will forgive myself with that.

About the Feast,  I know if you’ve read the phrase “prayer gathering” you might think that…”Huh…another boring church activity…”  But let me stop you talking more about boredom, I never felt that when I experience it all LIVE!  It was totally very entertaining. It was really hands down with the production team. It’s like a concert. I never experience something like this before (worshiping God in this way. It’s Amazing!)The best part also is I understand the gospel clearly for that day.

Jesus is my Shepherd (John 10:11-18)

Yes God, I am your Sheep. Draw me close to you. Lead my path towards you for I truly know that’s the best way in my life.

Here’s the photo essay how blessed my Sunday was:


Here the venue where the Feast is happening every Sunday. There’s so many people. I love the lights. ❤


The Feast Theme for the month of April is “X FACTOR”: Unleash the Gift in You.


Brother Bo discussing the different kind of fuel a person has in Life. (Goal, Groan, Gift, God)

11156378_983519705000242_4454022359500809354_n (1)

All I can say is that “Welcome Post” I am holding is really heavy…>.< I am so cute in this picture..haha!


I am with my cousin, Engr. Neph Louie Nicolas. Yeah! He’s a licensed Civil Engineer. We became close when I was in highschool because of playing Chess.  He’s the one who invited us to attend the Feast. I used to call him grandpa.. (coz he’s 7 years older than me..haha XD) Anyway, he already forgot about it. Thanks Cousin! til next time..! ^o^


The Famous Bucket Meal. I also love the coleslaw. ❤


LUNCH TIME in Mall of Asia with Relatives.. Thanks to the KFC waiter Helmer because he volunteered to take picture instead. He’s a good KFC Crew. ^o^/

It’s a new experience. It’s overwhelming. God has spoken to me. Lord, Let your will be done.

Want to join the Feast, visit this website for more information about the theme, locations and time. Everybody is welcome! ^o^/

WWW.LIGHTFAM.COM – The Feast website

WWW.BOSANCHEZ.PH –  The Founder website

Photos: my Canon Powershot and Kuya Louie’s iPhone 5


16 thoughts on ““The PICC Feast with Bo Sanchez Experience”

    1. Just an average lunch time for a female..haha! KFC is just a fast food ..It’s really common here.. I’m more interested for your food post.. 😀 Did you read it all? this blog is quite long..haha..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yey!! He’s interested with Bo Sanchez..haha 😀 His book is really good. Actually, It’s my motivating book when I feel down..thumbs up!

        You’re from Indonesia right? The Feast also happens there in Jakarta..:D

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I might be ok when he is talking but not with reading his book lol
        Judging by his name and the event held I think he could be famous in Indonesia especially in Jakarta. It is the capital city in Indonesia and my place of living is in Surabaya an hour more or less flight to Jakarta.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh… Yeah Yeah…His talk is very entertaining.. So for you, I know your situation in reading books. hahaha! It’s okay!

        You are just near Jakarta…Well, that’s very convenient..Plus you are also near Bali..right? But..I haven’t seen any Bali pictures of yours..hmmmm…?

        Liked by 1 person

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