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The Avengers: Age of Ultron:  Tuesday Real Cinema – 050515

By: Lovely del Mundo 

Hey wazzup, guys! It’s really been a very long time since I watched cinema again. The last movie I watched is MIB 3. Last Tuesday, I went to Cinema with my close friends to watch The Avengers: Age of Ultron.


I know there is some feedbacks about this movie saying that it’s not the best but I didn’t change my mind to watch the film. I still want to watch Age of Ultron! Nothing stopped me to watch this movie. I like watching Science Fiction, Adventure and Animation in Cinema than DVDs because I want to experience the thrill of the movie’s Super-sized Screen, Special Effects and Booming Sound.

Photo source: (http://senorenrique.blogspot.com/2007/05/manilas-movie-theaters.html)
Cinema 5
2015 Cinema – SM Dasmarinas

There are is a big difference of Cinema between 1980’s compared now 2015 in the Philippines.  First, The Price range differs a lot. Before you can watch Cinema with just P40 ($1) while now you must prepare P 500 ($12) if you want to watch a movie with popcorn + drinks. Second, the venue of cinema are now inside the malls while before it’s only like a movie house. One of the perks of being a freelancer is I can freely manage my schedule because I don’t have a boss. I don’t work in an office. So, the schedule depends on the day off of my employed friends. Haha! Okay, I’ll tell you what happened that day. We’re 5 minutes late the movie show so it’s really a rush to buy tickets.  I am with my closest friends Jana and Camu (since high school) and Klenn (extended friend). By the way, I really love the parking spiral thrill.

Okay,,, The cinema is filled with people. I didn’t expect that the Premiere seats is so full because hello….its weekday, Tuesday. So, yeah we have no choice but to sit closer the screen (3rd row). I enjoyed the cinematography. I had troubles analyzing the story because I am not really a super Marvel fan to know every episode and movies. I watched Avengers 1. I am trying to connect the last part of it with Age of Ultron but it’s not really the thing I am expecting to see for the part two since I know it’s a sequel. Anyway, I had a good laugh with Thor’s hammer lifting challenge and Tony Stark’s sarcasm. Overall, the movie is just so-so.

Cinema 2


Usually after watching the movie, you’ll talk about the movie but I didn’t happen to us. We talk about a DIFFERENT TOPIC. #Issue #Judgemental All we do is talk, talk, talk and talk… I am so preoccupied with that issue so I actually forgot that we watched Age of Ultron. Also, because of that we didn’t eat in any fast food after watching. So, there’s no foodie photography. >.< Anyway, it’s okay because I’ve spend time with my close friends again. It’s really a long story why we haven’t done like this for a long time. Camu has a limited time staying in the mall and needs to go home. Then, Jana needs to get her dress for the wedding of her college friend.  Time flies so fast because someone is getting married already. We end up going home and continue talking inside the car.

Cinema 4
Camella Cavite
currently obsessed with Sunset. I love the sky!

So Here’s Camu’s village.  We stayed here for a really long talk again. They are just newly transfer in this place.  There are so many security guards. Good Luck Thieves! HAHAHA! The place is also peaceful and photogenic. They showed me the place that can be perfect for photo shoots. *Two Thumbs up! *


So that’s it! I felt like it all happened so fast. Hopefully, next time we can hang out for a longer time. I miss my social life. >.< In the end, Jana lends me her 1989 Taylor Swift album. Yey! ❤

Till next time!


12 thoughts on “The Avengers: Age of Ultron:  Tuesday Real Cinema – 050515

  1. Oh cool! I was reading twice you know 😮
    I was looking for your complete review but I didn’t find it. I thought that I must have gone wrong or what.
    But I love this article preferable than your complete Ultron review! I remembered my past too after reading this article and wished that time could turn back somehow and let me have something better for my future. My Indonesian friends from Beijing were tied together and we spent time together almost everyday. It felt like living in a dream with your friend and you just wouldn’t want to let it go. Everything has changed now and that’s they way it is. I know we want to live in our dreams forever but I prefer to live in real life to accomplish my goal. Then hopefully one day I could bring back once the dream that I have always wanted to get fulfilled.
    I didn’t talk about the movie too when driving in the car with my cousin because not much to be said either. Nothing to impress me anyway and talking about life is much more interesting.

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    1. Actually, I made already a movie reviews about Avengers 2012 and Avenger age of Ultron 2015. I’ll proofread again. It’s quite long. Expect it to be published most probably by the end of this month.

      Life is interesting…! So there are many Indonesians too in Beijing. I’m sure you want to hang out again with them again. 😀 As we go on with life, we set our own priorities. Even though we can’t bond with our friends as tight as before, the best thing to do is to keep a solid communication with them. You’ll keep the friendship forever.,.. Do you believe that if you are friends with the person for almost 7 years, it’s sure that it will be forever? (psychologists said) I just saw it on Faceboook one time..

      Thanks for reading, Rd! Hahaha! I think your cinema there is more photogenic than ours. HAHA! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What?! Don’t tell me that they are going to be in 2k+ words!! I need to read them 5 times probably lol
        Yes, that’s true! True friends will never end. I have several best friends too but they don’t know each others. So I have different attitude when meet them. Probably we need to travel together one day so they will know that I am just one crazy Ray 😀 #remindmyselfaboutthetagline
        That might be true for 7 years is a very long time. Even you might not be able to keep normal friends for a year.
        Oh sometimes look isn’t the beauty of everything. I have 2 kind of eyes. One is to look at the physical beauty and one to look at the hidden beauty. Sometimes the fun isn’t found from staying in a 5 star luxury hotel alone but also getting your friends together staying late up until midnight chatting in a small room and sleep there together.
        I like the luxury but I also prefer to have awesome moments as I see it’s much more expensive and can’t be bought.

        What am I talking about? lol Yeah the cinema photos I took was one of the good one. I have also the crappy ones but I don’t want to go there because we have the same prices for tickets. I don’t want to pay for worse things while you can get better ones for the same price.


      2. HAHA! XD Yeah, Prepare yourself for its longevity. I re-read my Movie Reviews a lot before publish.

        You have bestfriends that don’t know each other? What’s that..hmmm…I think it’s a good idea to travel with your circle of friends. The more the merrier.. 😀

        About Beauty, When I look physically I am thinking also if this person’s beauty will benefit me in a way. Sometimes, i have this talent manager eyes.. hahaha!
        Hidden Beauty attracts me the most. ❤

        Yep, we must be wise in spending money. ^o^

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