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Luksong Baka : Jump Still Technique


Title : Bored with Time

Location: Cavite

Date:  June 2011

Impression: Jusar and Bunso were bored so this happened. 😀


15 thoughts on “Luksong Baka : Jump Still Technique

      1. Cool I was actually being naughty myself when I was a kid so I might love the game 😀

        Wait let me get to the photography comment #outofcontrol

        I think the angle should be taken from the kid about to land point of view and adding a natural sunshine background would be cool. You can also get the house as the blurry background or car too.

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      2. I think so.. You’re a kid who’s hard to tame..hahaha! xD

        I actually want to edit it.. but i think I’ll just let it be.. Anyway, I like the natural technique i made which is the separation of the shadow of this two kids….
        The motion is solid and not blurry…
        hmmm… waaaaah! >.<

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      3. Hahaha you are a bit right somehow LOL
        No edit needed the photo is good 👍
        It’s just if you want a more professional angle that’s my suggestion on the previous comment.

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      4. Oh yeah..just don’t mind..that picture was taken 2011 so… yeah..I will still try my luck about the contest…the sad thing is the magazine haven’t replied yet,,,about details of the competition..

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      5. Just wait while you get yourself doing something else. If they still haven’t replied means that the contest is not for you and you still have any other options.

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      6. Wow…you talk like my mom..? (-.-) If it’s not for you, you still have many options left..hahaha 😀 Okay boss..! I’ll wait first,, You know what sometimes , ah no most of the times I hate waiting.. I hate waiting for nothing… in every aspect of life…

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      7. Yep..Waiting for nothingness makes me feel stupid. So as long that I have no assurance on something to wait upon I expect nothing at all.. lesson learned in the past.. 😀

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