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De La Salle University – Dasmariñas (Revisited!) – 052215

DLSU-D revisited (052215) Historical and Nature photography

By: Lovely del Mundo


De La Salle University – Dasmariñas is a Roman Catholic Lasallian University and a member institution of De La Salle Philippines located in Dasmariñas City, Cavite. Widely known as Cavite‘s Premier University (source: Wikipedia) 

My college experience in this university was hectic, humbling and spiritual. When they say La Salle, some people would perceive it as a really expensive university. Most of the students came from a wealthy family or upper middle class which is kind of true. Being a commoner there is quite humbling. As for me, I was only admitted in this university because of SPREAD scholarship I maintained for 4 years consistently. I worked as a student assistant while dealing with all my academics. (2.50 GPA every semester) I have no long breaks. I sometimes get home 6pm. The good thing is it’s not a very far away university. It’s just a 20- 30 minutes ride from my home. That makes my college life hectic plus our activities with the course/major I had like Film, Performing Arts and Radio Productions.  In my 4th year, the sweetest thing that happened was the combination of Thesis Making and On-The Job Training in one semester. (Sarcasm…-.-) Then why Spiritual? It’s because I was assigned in Campus Ministry Office (University Chapel) as a student assistant and eventually became an active member of the church community there.

I am from the college of Liberal Arts .
At night this building looks like a hospital .. At day it has a cute floral vibes.. 😀 Here’s where all my classrooms and labs were.
Gate 2’s Common Aisle
This is the college of my High-school close friends.. Hotel and Restaurant management… 😀
This is really like a hotel inside and out…
Cafe Museo is usually used for Visitors. It’s a Cafe’ beside the Museo De La Salle.
It’s like a cafe inside a jungle…
DLSU-D Chapel 😀

Enough with my college life stories, I just can’t help but reminisce college whenever I go back there. Places do bring back memories. So, Why did I went there? I’ve learned about the book of RJ Ledesma. He’s a TV Host, Book Author and Magazine Editor. When I had an internship with UNO Magazine, He’s also the editor-at-large there at that time but I never met him in person. I know him as a television host also by watching Best Men before. I got interested in his book because I always wonder about the Ateneo – La Salle Rivalry.

NBS branch inside DLSU-D
Snack after the Book Hunt. I love it. ❤
This is the Book.. I love the ART Cover.. 😀

After my business of buying the book, I went to a photography venture with anything Filipino inspired because of my interest of joining a contest for Explore Magazine Ph. But, this magazine hasn’t replied with my questions yet about it.  Then, I just decided to go in DLSU-D because of the MUSEO and other Cavite History features there. I did a little photography venture for Nature and Historical. I just want to do it.  Haha! 😀








The university’s environment was so inviting and ecological. It was so relaxing to stay there for a moment. Feel the Breeze! If you are a nature lover, I’ll recommend you to enroll in this university or apply for any job. Here’s the DLSU-D’s official website

Some of my College life solo pictures:

Our Recording Laboratory…
The younger me with the guitar…

Animo La Salle!~

Share your college life stories by leaving some comments below… ^^~


17 thoughts on “De La Salle University – Dasmariñas (Revisited!) – 052215

    1. Have you read it all? or just browsed on the pictures? haha
      Yeah, I am a proud Lasallian… ^^~ I am thankful that I spent my 4 years there.. ❤
      It's very nostalgic.. Thanks Raymond!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Again I tried to read but photography got it the way. Blame your good photography please :p

    I have quick skimming read your article about your university life. I agree it looks like hospital and looks like jungle too and hotel and that’s why I was astonished.
    But spiritual university isn’t for rebellious person like me LOL
    But do you like your life there?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahahaha! XD It’s like a jungle right…
      Thanks for appreciating my photography here.. Do you remember the time when we’re talking about me joining a photography contest… So these are the photos that I will send hopefully… What do you think is the best? ^^ Since they haven’t replied.. I think it’s over already but it’s okay.. hahaha!!

      Haha! Rebellious? How rebellious? hahaha…
      Yes. I like my college life though I am always busy.. It’s chapter of my life which I learned a lot of things not only in academics but also practically in life … I grow as a matured person… I am thankful that I graduated here.. 😀 ❤

      How about you how's college life?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think your main picture is the best one. Yeah posting to the blog is better at least you have an appreciation from me 🙂

    I was debating against my chinese teacher once who ordered me to memorise every words I listen. So I refused 😀 I got bad mark BUT the question was Do I look like that I really care about that?

    I even bye-byeing a teacher who was talking about nonsense. Oh one more…The english teacher from chinese spoke english bad. So I went to the class which I wasn’t invited to. She looked so nervous 😀

    Thank goodness it was a good college life for you. Mine was so-so, crap college with lots of dramas but I gained a best friend that I treasure the most 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha! So that’s a kind of student you are… Yes you are stubborn..haha..And, okay rebellious …hahaha!

      Ah…wow that friend is the real treasure I guess.. oh yeah… treasure.. treasure.. hmm.. haha I suddenly remember bruno mars song treasure..oh my what i am thinking about? hahaha.. I am sorry.. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I won’t be surprised if you’ll get in the Film making industry someday.. Destiny is playful… though you have plans… sometimes we’re being surprised with some unexpected incidents… ^^

        Liked by 1 person

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