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(June 2015) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition


Hi WordPress people! This is my 10 Happy Things (Monthly Edition). This will be one of my regular blog topic every month. Enjoy Reading it! If you want, you can make one too for positive motivation.. 😀 It’s the last day of June!  Many things happened to me in this month. It’s also the time where I got to be very busy with my life right now. whoa! 😮 I just can’t believe that it’s all happening already! So off we go to the list!


1. Turtles in my workplace

One of the creatures that I’ve got to see everyday are turtles. I was surprised that I can see real turtles everyday. haha! They’re so cute!

 2. Shopping at Daiso (The District – Dasma)

I feel so good whenever I go there to shop or just to window shop. Everything is cute and creative there. I love how Japanese create items. ^^~

3. Being responsible for Visuals in Muzette – Le heim’s Summer Recital 

I miss this job. Lights and Sounds! I’m glad that Camu invited me to do this job. I really though I am just a substitute to her. So, I didn’t expect anything in return. The fact that my name is in the credits of the Creative Team.. It made me happy. ^^

4. Receiving 5 Blog awards consecutively for this month is overwhelming!

Wow.. I really don’t know what to say to you my readers. Thank you so much! Thank you for recognizing me.. ! >.<  I still can’t believe it.. My WordPress community motivates me to do more in blogging. ❤

5. The fact that I can drink Coffee again

Hooray! When I got a job, I was able to drink coffee again in the morning. I miss the taste of coffee. I miss the aroma of coffee… 😀 I’ll go back to Starbucks soon..

6. The first time I experience dining in S & R ( Father’s day)

My aunt has a membership card. She suggested to eat lunch there. It’s a really great experience. I love the food.. Though, we weren’t able to shop there. It’s expensive dude!

7.The success of Nanako Seargent Lolita photo shoot

I am supposed to be present in this photo-shoot as the acting director. On the second thought, I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. I wasn’t able to go because I have my full-time job already. It’s good to have artistic friends.

8. Being a student again for the CTP course in La Salle – Dasma

Oh yeah..alright? I know it’s kinda fast and unbelievable. I was able to enroll for CTP this June which I really didn’t expect to happen yet. It just happened so fast and now I am on my way earning 18 educ units. It’s for the benefit too of the school I am working right now and my career upgrade as well. ^^ Challenge accepted! ^^

9. Against the Current cover of Furious 7 – See you again and Carly Rae Japesen – I really like you

Actually, any ATC cover makes me happy. I just can’t help but to listen to it daily! I am sorry Dan, Will and Chrissy if I can’t come to your concert this September. I am sure you are going to ROCK Manila!

10. I work. I blog. I study. Wow! LIFE PROGRESS! ❤

It’s almost half of the year… I made a big step with my life. Define progress. Define Change. There are so many new beginnings. Thanks for this new start!  Let the game begin. 😀 #CreatetheFuture


7 thoughts on “(June 2015) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

    1. Sure no problem… ! ❤ I love the flowers in your photo.. ^^ Thank you so much for reading too.. 😀 Hope you willshare your own stories too about your life.. 😀 Something like this! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah okay.. Sometimes we use WordPress our own artwork/ writing portfolio. I understand your point. Yeah, I will get to read those personal blogs of yours too.. by the way happy 4th of July! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks for understanding my point. I know some people use their blog as an online diary of what is happening in their lives, but that is not what my blog is about. One personal blog post that I posted earlier this year is called “My Mother’s Photography.” Here is a link:

        And thank you for the Happy 4th of July greeting, Lovely. It was a pretty nice day, but the fireworks were pretty loud around here. 🙂

        I hope you have a great week. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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