How your Words can change your World by Bo Sanchez : Book Review

“How your Words can Change your World”

By:  Bo Sanchez

Source: Reymos


How your words can change your world ©2011

Is an inspirational read that gives you hope and encouragement to live life in a positive way through God’s guidance.  There are stories in the bible which are related in different chapters. Also, there are true to life stories relating to a certain topic in this book.  There are personal experiences from the author himself on how he can connect an insight with the chapter topic. It’s a very relevant topic too for real life experiences.I also like the way it was written concisely. Everyone can understand it very well.

My Reading Experience

I read this book not in a chronological way. I can skip from one chapter to another. It’s very easy to read. If I go places, I can take this book anywhere with me to get inspired. Every morning, I’ll check one page then read if I have time a chapter before I start a day.

How do I got to have this book?

My mom bought this book so I had this chance to read it too. And.. Now I already got to have the signature of the author when I attended “The Feast” in PICC,cool!


Bo Sanchez as a writer/author

What you see is what you get. I can imagine Bo really speaking to me through his book.  The way he expressed his thoughts in books is also what you can see when he talks in the stage for preaching.  As a writer/author, he usually uses personal life experiences to explain the main thoughts in the book. His writing style is like a casual talk and has really a personal touch.  He’s one of my favorite authors.

My favorite chapters

Chapter 13

God wants you to live a Fantastic Life

Expect great things to happen to you

Here’s the truth: Expectation is Preparation

When you expect great things to happen, you’re preparing yourself for those great things. So be excited with what God will do in your life …

*This is right. Expect great things to happen not assume great things to happen. Expecting comes with a preparation. It’s like you want to pass the exam so you must study as the preparation. Assuming comes with false expectations. It’s like being happy go lucky with the exam and expect to pass it. Forewarned and Forearmed. It’s is half the victory.

Chapter 17

How to use your Words to Create your Desired Future

Don’t just describe your reality; define it

The Bible says that your tongue is like rudder of a big ship (James 3:4). Like a rudder, your tongue directs your life.

So let me ask you: What kind of future do you want to have?

Don’t use your words to describe your reality. Use your words to create your desired reality.

Here’s another way of putting it: Don’t just talk about where you are. Talk about where you want to go.

*When asking for something, you need to be specific. You have the power to create your future so use the most out of it.  For example: You so hungry that you can’t buy food because of intense hunger so you ask someone to buy for you. This someone agreed to buy some food for you without knowing what food you want.  Most probably he‘ll bring you food that will only satisfy your hunger but not your favorite food. That’s my point here of how I understand this chapter. That’s why it’s important not just to talk about where you are rather talk about where you want to go.

Chapter 18

Why Faith Words Work

How they open you to divine power

Why do faith declarations work the way they do?

I can explain it in many ways:

Faith words affect your emotions in a positive way.

Faith words – repeated again and again – create new neutral pathways in your brain.

Faith words also train your reticular activating system (RAS) to be attentive to see the blessing you desire.

Faith words aren’t just mere positive affirmations; they open up your life to the supernatural power of God.

Bo Sanchez belief: Sooner or Later, your outside world will match your inside world. What does your world say?

Remember, your faith is more powerful than your sight.

Your sight can only describe your situation; your faith can direct your situation.

*This explains the scientific basis of faith. There are many examples given about the act of faith and how it works in a life of a person. So, I must say it is the truth. What you feel inside can reflect on what will be your appearance outside. Happy inside. Glowing Outside.  Exhausted inside. Zombie look Outside. As simply as that. What you have in you have with your   little world will attract the things that will happen to your outside world too.

Chapter 19

Claim for a Downpour of Miracles

 To receive Big Blessings, be grateful for small ones!

The incredible story of King Ahab’s order to Elijah. (1 Kings 18:41)

Do you see an empty sky or little cloud?

When you focus on emptiness, more emptiness will come. But when you focus on the blessings – no matter how small – more blessings will come.

Remember, all big blessings come from  small blessings. Be grateful for small blessings and the big blessings will come!

Speak Blessings into your Future. There’s a connection between what you say and what will happen.

Like Elijah, you need to hear the sound of heavy rain even when there’s not a cloud in the sky. You need to hear the heavy rain of blessings into your life even when you don’t see anything yet.

*It’s like believing for the impossible to happen. It’s one of my favorite bible story here in this book.  A very desperate situation can be solved with an unwavering faith. Even if you don’t see anything of your desires right now as long as you strongly believe that it will happen.  Live by faith not by sight.  Also, being grateful always will attract more blessings to you.

Chapter 25

You have the Power of God in your Tongue

You are my sunshine

The story of how the Michael’s singing of “You are my sunshine” to his baby sister in the ICU made a miracle.

*I was inspired by this story. You’re words are prophetic too and even singing can make a miracle. It can also be applied with plants and animal. If you’re always saying “You’re beautiful” to a flower, it will always bloom. If you’re always scolding (saying ugly to a dog…I know a person who does that) and even hit a dog, It will die.  So please, use the gift of your tongue in a positive way.

This book is one of the best motivational and inspiring books that I have read. It helped me to build up myself and think about a more positive future in my life. I can recommend it to anyone. ^^~


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