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Muzette – Le Heim Summer Recital 061315

Leheim Recital 061315

By: Lovely del Mundo

Insular Auditorium – After Recital

Music lives in me. It’s something I am passionate about. Having this opportunity to watch a recital again (3rd time) of Muzette / Le Heim made me feel blissful and stress-relieving. I would definitely say I miss this. I’m really glad this time I was able to be involved again in the recital even for a minor role for the Creative Team.

RECITAL 2011 – Stage Props
RECITAL 2012 – Makati Spotlight

Insular is the venue for this recital 2015. I already experienced it last December 2011 where my role was like a flight stewardess. I am assigned with the registration area.  Aside from that, my job title there was the multi-media assistant /writer because I helped teacher Amy in making the program sequence. Also, I made a story board for the teaser video of Muzette that time. I enjoyed working in this school. I appreciate how teacher Amy and teacher Ricky love the business. It’s the LOVE for doing it and sharing their knowledge and skills to hone talents. I am thankful  I worked here as my first job.

As my comeback in the production scene , here are the photos of what happened.

My task was to flash the powerpoint visuals to the back draft of the stage and click to next every performer…. That’s all.. ^^
Empty Seats.. my mom seated there. Did I mention that she was with me?
I love this Event Pass ID .. ❤ haha
I saw a big mirror and took this mirror shot after the recital.
Alabang Twin Tower!
When we went out, this is the exterior of insular. It seems like I am promoting Insular here.. nah! haha
No blemishes selfie is achieved.. Thanks Photoscape for making me look like a doll..haha! I hope this could be real.. T.T
We ate in Chowking! Fried rice~

Overall, The recital was fun and entertaining. I even sing along inside the tech booth. I find the little girl who sing “Popular” really adorable. I also like the Les Miserables performance Trio. 😀 ❤

I want to thank Tina/Camu/Nanako for inviting me to work for this recital. I was only her substitute with the task inside the tech booth. She’s a violin teacher and the school’s founder daughter. Inside the tech booth, Director Kneil Harley was so funny too. haha! Aside with that, Thanks for not giving up with our friendship despite of the darkest moment of my life because you always made your way to reach me out that time.  Now, I am hoping to be involved again the next photo shoot with your Nanako Sergeant Lolita Photo Shoot Collection..I’m also praying for your all goals in life to come true~ Manga Artist in Japan! hahaha 😀

Labley and Camu 2011
Labley and Camu 2015

Thanks for Reading! ^^~


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