10 Happy Things

(July 2015) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition


Hi WordPress people! This is my 10 Happy Things (Monthly Edition). This will be one of my regular blog topic every month. Enjoy Reading it! If you want, you can make one too for positive motivation.. 😀  It’s the last day of July!  This month is about class suspension, typhoon, work dilemma and my story of redirection.  Despite of that, I make it a point to see the brighter side of anything for everything. This monthly blog agenda  will really help for me to achieve that motivation for optimism. ^o^ Thank you!


1. Sakura Nail Art (Home Service)

I am not good painting nails but I appreciate Nail Art. I was so happy by the time that I achieved this kind of Nail Art. I had this conversation with Nail Home Service woman. It’s good to know her plans about having a business that’s why she’s studying in TESDA.  Her Suggestion for my nail made me happy. I like her. haha! 😀 Hope I can experience another Nail Art style.. ❤ Stress reliever..!

2. Being Active and having new found friends in CTP Saturday Class.

This is one of the best thing that happened to me this 2015 so far. One thing I didn’t expect with myself is that I participate in the class actively. I’m not the type of student that loves recitation. Most likely, I am just contented listening and understanding everything. Well, this time I ask and share my thoughts. haha! Is that me? The class discussions are interesting. Also, I am learning with my classmates point of views. Cool! 😀

3. Ji- Hye Unni~ (신지혜) (South Korean Friend) late long reply in Facebook. 

Ji Hye Unni~ Bogoshipoyo! She’s the only Korean friend that I have a communication with up to now. I experienced teaching English with Koreans last 2012. She became close to me because we have a lot of things in common. I hope I can met her again! ^o^~ ❤

4. Having a complete set of Dong – A colored Pen 

I like collecting pens. I’ve bought a complete colored pen set. And, I love it!!!! ^^~

5. Reading ” I kissed dating goodbye” by Joshua Harris

This is my current read. I am still on Chapter 5. I manage to still read despite of my busy schedule. I’m learning the most important things about dating. I think I already kissed dating goodbye.. :p haha! #bitter

6. Suspension of Class means Early Disimissal at work + Cold Weather 

Well, Let’s name them #EgayPH #FalconPh and Nangka? The 3 typhoons that made a week suspension in school. No Kids. Less hustle. Cold weather. Sleeping Beauty. haha!

7. I was able to visit Jana’s house again in South Meridian.. (Nostalgic)

Actually this happened June 30… Anyway, I miss visiting her place. I have a lot of fun memories with Jana. (Sleep over, Jamming for our dream band, Anime Marathon, Midnight Snacks …)She’s my highschool bestfriend. I even miss her mom. haha! I am so happy that I was able to retrieve the relationship we have recently.. ❤

8. The blooming Stargazer in our house

I don’t want to miss  the beauty of this flower the day I saw it soooo blooming so I took picture right away.. ❤

9. Helga’s blog about Self – Hosting a website

Helga is one of my favorite blogger. I just really laugh too with her tweets about epic fail ads or just anything random. I think Filipinos can be competitive in the blogging industry. Haha! Her blog about self-hosting delighted me! I just so need it for my plan.. !! 😀

10. Playing the guitar.

I don’t have a guitar right now so I borrowed one with Jana. It feels so good that I know that I am able to play the guitar still because it’s been really a long time. i know how to play because of my muscle memory. I only know a song. Oww.. I tried playing lucky and all too well. Oh my! I want to master it. I need my very own guitar for that. >.< Maybe Soon….T.T


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