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Take Care of the Young Lady (2010): Korean Drama Review



Kang Hye Na, the heiress of Kang-san Group of Companies, lives with her grandfather and servants in a big mansion. Her parents died in a plane accident so her grandfather raised her as a child. Hye Na is a real beauty, strong (as she practice judo too), and secretly emotional about her first love. Her grandfather wants her to get married and take over the company. But, she’s stubborn and never listened to her grandfather. In able to change her attitude, her grandfather decided to hire Seo Dong Chan as her Chief Butler. She was surprised and annoyed because they didn’t have a good first meeting. She’ll also meet the public lawyer Lee Tae Yun for a marriage meeting.



Take Care of the Young Lady/ My Fair Lady (2010) is a Korean drama about the life of a wealthy heiress of Kang San Group named Kang Hye Na. I can really compare her to Paris Hilton. It’s actually my first impression about this drama’s introduction. I was like, “So she’s the Korean version of Paris Hilton?.” She’s a woman who has everything. She’s beautiful, rich, strong and popular. Though there are bad rumors about her because she has this not-so-friendly attitude, she’s just being herself. The real Kang Hye Na is truly lovable as you get to know her as a person. Many people wish to be like her but in reality it’s hard to be Kang Hye Na. Even a person like her can’t achieve real happiness just because she has everything. As to her love story, she just needs to choose between a butler and a lawyer.  


The story revolves around the life of Kang Hye Na as the Kang San Group heiress. Her maturity as a real Agassi will also be developing as the story goes by. It’s all because of the help of Butler Seo. Butler Seo experienced poverty because of his big debt interests due to his mother’s hospital bills. Life is really hard with Butler Seo which is the exact opposite to Kang Hye Na’s life. Butler Seo works in Eui Joo’s flower business with her mom. He became Hye Na’s chief butler because of Hye Na’s grandfather’s job offer. Overall, the story is interesting and has a taste of reality. I think it can also be used for anime’ series.


Yoon Eun Hye as Kang Hye Na


She is the owner of Lady Castle, and lost her parents in a plane crash. Even then, she lived a princess-like life with her servants but she had a lonely upbringing, living under the care of her stern grandfather. This resulted to her overtly indifferent and oblivious-to-others character. She has grown-up into a self-centered woman that every time she opens her mouth, she would blurt out blunt remarks no matter who the person is. She’s skilled in horse riding, fencing, and clay shooting; the only reason is to either humiliate men unworthy of her, or to add awkwardness to conversations. One day, she came across Seo Dong-chan, a gigolo who turns her life upside down. She feels uneasy over the fact that she may have finally met her match

Yoon Sang Hyun as Butler Seo Dong Chan


Dong-chan has good looks, eloquent speech, and can easily adapt to circumstances, thus making him the best gigolo. Soon after his mother died, he stopped his booming career. At the moment, he’s paying off a five thousand debt from the charges from his mother’s operations. One day, a woman named Kang Hye-na who is notorious for being arrogant and spoiled shows up and stimulated his competitive spirit. Dong-chan makes up his mind to enter the Castle and becomes her butler, thereby changing his whole life.

Jung Il Woo as Atty. Lee Tae Yun


An elite lawyer who came from a very wealthy family. He is devoting his life to legal service for the poor in a shabby lawyer’s office. He may look like a soft and gentle young man, but when it comes to his work he is merciless and sharp like a knife. He reminds Hye-na of her first love which is why she was attracted to him.

Moon Geun Young as  Yoo Ui Joo


A bright and cheerful girl who dreams of becoming a shoe designer. She grew up with Dong-chan and is close to him. She constantly encourages him to take the right path, worrying about him and supporting him to get his life back on track. Behind Eui-joo’s concern, is her unrequited love for Dong-chan.


  • Kang Hye Na’s Mansion
  • Butler Seo’s House 
  • Flower Shop
  • Farm 
  • Attorney Lee’s office


I love the soundtracks in this drama. All the songs are suitable with the story. Good job, music producer! As expected, Oska has a song here.

  1. Helpless Love – Yoon Sang Hyun – (Drama moments)
  2. Na Kyo Woon –  Take Care of my Love – (Sweet and Happy Moments)
  3. Yoon Eun Hye – Dash Girl  – (Fashion and Kang Hye Na Moments)
  4. Narsha – I love You – (In Love moments)

Comments and Suggestions

As a big fan of YOON EUN HYE, this Korean drama series is really a must watch. It’s one of my favorite YEH drama. It’s the top 2 because “Lie To Me” is still in the #1 spot.  I am so in love with her here. I think her looks is really suitable with a “Chaebol type” character. (Chaebol means rich / heiress) Her fashion? OMG! I really like YEH fashion wardrobe here. It’s really a good job for the Stylist and make-up artist of YEH because the Chaebol character was made realistic. Also, what I love is everything YEH wears became fashionable on an instant. I think even if she wears a sack of rice she can still look like a stunning model. Sigh! If I can only be her…. HAHA!! I also love her as an actress. If she’s crying, It makes me cry too. If she’s being insane, I am being insane too. What? HAHA. I am just exaggerating things…


The story of this drama series is like a manga. When I first watched it, It has a Japanese impression to me. I haven’t researched about it yet but I sense that it’s adapted from manga. Or if not, the script writer was just inspired with the story of butlers which is originally popularized in Japan. South Korea and Japan has this connection when it comes to entertainment industry. In general, the story is about a chief butler who is serving the “Agassi” (Young lady) on a big mansion. As the story goes by, the relationship of the butler and “Agassi” will be developed into a romantic relationship. So, it’s a Cinderella man story.

I also love the casting for this drama. I know all the main characters. I saw them acting on several dramas too. [Yoon Eun Hye (Goong, Lie To Me), Jung Il woo (scheduler of 49 days), Yoon Sang Hyeon (Oska of Secret Garden) and Moon Geun Young (Megan Seo of The Innocent Man).]   For me, it’s a powerhouse drama series. I was moved by their characters.

                               Jung Il woo celebrated his birthday on set….
    I think Moon Geun young and Jung Il Woo is a good pairing too…

Acting wise, I can really say that it’s a job well done. If I have to suggest something, It has something to do with the story. Kang Hye Na has this first love back story. I hope they’ve shown some clear story background about Hye Na’s relationship with her first love. I think that would be interesting. Other than that, everything is absolutely good. Though I have some suggestion, I still rated it 9 out of 10. It’s my almost-perfect score rate in making reviews.

This drama made me laugh and cry. It’s really entertaining. If you like reading stories in manga about butlers, you’ll love this one. Jung Il woo is so handsome here too. ❤  If you’re also a fan of Ms. Yoon Eun Hye, I know you surely watched this one already. ^^!

Isn’t he cute? He reminds me of my students before. 

Rating: 9 out of 10


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