10 Happy Things

(August 2015) My 10 Happy Things!

Serinitea lappy

Hi Guys!  This is my 10 Happy Things (Monthly Edition). This will be one of my regular blog topic every month. Enjoy Reading it! If you want, you can make one too for positive motivation.. 😀

It’s the last day of August! It’s not really a good month for me. You know I’ve been involved with med institution like having x-ray, blood count, physical exam, staying in university clinic (dysmennorhea) and home medication (coz of diarrhea) T^T. I still want to stay positive and see the brighter side of my life despite all this happening!! So here we go to my 10 Happy things for August! 😀


1.My Medical Exam Result is Class A – Physically fit for any work.   

In the school I am working right now, they suddenly ask for my medical exam for pre-employment. (that actually defeats its purpose because I am employed already so why get it now when I am already 2 months working here? Also knowing that its only implemented with the new ones. For I know, employees medical check-up must be annual and compulsory) Sorry for the complaint. I just can’t control it. What made me happy about it anyway is the result. I am healthy. Health is wealth. I am thankful! ❤ I was able to know my Blood Type too finally. Haha! 😀

2. Good CTP Prelim Grades

Yahoo!! 😀 I didn’t expect to get a somehow high grades this prelims because juggling my work and studying is not easy.  I’ve updated my student portal. And, I feel so cool about it..hahaha! 8) It’s so good to know that my grades are high in FOED1. That’s what I am thinking about. haha..

Thanks sir! >.< (Nahatak ng homeworks! :D)

3. New Crocs 

In Casa, we need to have indoor shoes. I changed my shoes because it’s nearly broken already. I found these lavender crocs in Kadiwa market which is so perfect for Casa. The Kids adore it. Haha!

4. Making Dubsmash-like videos with cousin Crisgine and Ada. XD

My cousins went to our house. Crisgine wants to make dubbing like videos with random pop songs. I am not really good at it. I just really laugh at it. I did enjoy it. Haha! Please don’t tag me. I want to protect my reputation as a teacher. Haha :p

5. Maintaining the 4am habit

This is a new habit I develop recently for myself. It is some sort of discipline in a way that helped me to manage time and tasks. I was never late in work because of this. I have my lavender incense to use every day while doing anti-cramps yoga poses. I use social media this time because the internet connection is fast.

6. 3 Holidays + Long sleeps 2 days absent

This August, we have 3 holidays. There are 21 (Ninoy Aquino), 28 (Montessori Holiday) and 31 (National Heroes Day). Any holiday will make me happy even though I am not going somewhere. It’s because of the opportunity that I can sleep. ^^ I am absent for 2 days in work because of vomiting and diarrhea due to the intense heat, too much drinking of Gatorade and physical exhaustion. I was able to recover the 3rd day which is a holiday. I had long sleeps. Yey! Though, I missed the Buwan ng Wika event.

7.  Montessori day experience

(8/27/15) It’s the first time I experienced Montessori day. The big children (older kids) were trained to be waiters/servers in a fine dine Italian restaurant for this day. I find it cute. haha! Almost all the kids enjoyed the pizza, grapes+cheese and lemonade drink. 😀

8. Using WIFI in Serenitea with Okinawa Milk Tea. 

We don’t have a Saturday Class (8/22/2015). We don’t have internet connection at home too. My homeworks and even quizzes are online so internet is like air to me. You know the air that I breathe. So, I decided to stay in Serenitea with mom because I know there’s WiFi there. Then, mom fix the problem with our server. Though mom not really satisfied with that telecom company, I am very satisfied with my milktea and the cozy interiors of serenitea. 🙂

9. Getting to know the kids every day…

I can feel now that the kids are comfortable with me as they see me every day. I want to see them grow. I know I will witness it this school year. It’s fun because they are all unique in their own way. 😀

10. One CTP day ( A classmate’s funny facial expression)

I really laughed hard one Saturday in our class. When our professor discussed about something stinky, my seatmate pointed out a classmate on the other side of the room. I saw a very funny facial reaction saying like “it’s so eewwww”… haha! The face was so epic. I really laughed hard. Am I such a bully? XD


2 thoughts on “(August 2015) My 10 Happy Things!

  1. To know that you are healthy is an awesome thing 😀

    Of course you deserve the grades, you have been working so hard (Rarely doing any social media posts because of it).

    Dub smash Huh?! I am thinking of doing that and putting on my YouTube channel LOL I have lost my face long time ago. I shouldn’t made it come back.

    Today is your holiday! what a great day do ahead and enjoy this precious moment.

    That’s very good actually. It will boost those kids self-confidence 🙂

    Yeah internet is important, probably more important than anything to most human lol Congratulations for getting your very own connection at Serenitea!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment.. 😀

      Yeah.. I miss the online world..esp blogging.. but as what you told me.. I need to focus on what I need to do now.. so yeah..priorities.. 🙂

      Haha! Try Dubsmash with your cousins/brothers too .. then i’ll bully you.. joke.. hahaha!

      Yeah.. I had a good day today… you are right.. I just need a break.. 😀

      I hope to do more here..writing is still #1 in my heart … >.<

      Congrats to you too.. for your new obsession minecraft.. and you are going far in blogging.. wow..! 😀 of course, more travel too.. #wanderlust 😀


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