10 Happy Things

(September 2015) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition


Hi Guys!  This is my 10 Happy Things (Monthly Edition). This will be one of my regular blog topic every month. Enjoy Reading it! If you want, you can make one too for positive motivation.. 😀

Wake me up when September ends..!~ I am here again to tell you about the happy things that happened to me this month. Am I really happy..? haha! There are days that I am so exhausted because of Work + Study. 0.0 You can’t talk to me anymore when I got home. I am a busy person. Sometimes I want to marry my bed because I think I need more sleep. Though, it’s tiring… This month is somehow exciting!

Picture-71. Timeless Photo shoot (Aug31)

I forgot to include this for August Happy Things post. This day is a holiday. I was really surprise because my friends didn’t tell me that there’s a plan for a photo shoot on this day. Anyway, I was able to catch up the updates because I was going to return the books I borrowed to Jana. Reconnect with Fzz and another Nanako Fashion to blog about soon. ❤

2. Tupperware as an ear cover for thunder.

This made me laugh and laugh. :))  One time there’s a student in our school who was so afraid with the thunder so he hides inside the bathroom. As an aid for him, I thought of putting Tupperware for his ears is a good idea. It seems to be effective because it lessen the sound. But to found out that the Tupperware was my co-teacher’s lunch box made that moment a hilarious and embarrassing thing.What?! (0.0)haha!

3. My parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary @ Max’s restaurant

Sept 8 1990. The day my parents get married. Fast forward 2015. They are 25 years together already. They call it a silver celebration. We had this simple celebration only by just having a simple family dinner in Max’s restaurant. It’s actually my treat as a gift to my parents. I feel happy now that I was able to give something like this to them. ❤ (How I wish my dad would be more romantic like other husbands..I am bored with their marriage life..xp)

4. Against the Current Concert in Manila

Why did I mentioned this here? haha.. Honestly, I wasn’t able to go on this concert.. T^T *crying* Daniel Gow didn’t have the chance to see me in person. haha! Dan is my recent crush right now. I feel giddy whenever I see his hair flip on ATC’s music videos. (>o<) I am just happy that their GRAVITY Concert in Asia was a success. More power Dan, Chrissy and Will. love lots! ❤ xoxo

5. Ranked #4 Midterms Exam (Methods and Teaching)

This is sick! This is unexpected! (=^o^=) Is this serious? I ranked # 4 for our midterms exam. Wow..! This really made me happy. I still can’t believe it. haha! The way I review my lectures right now is really so fast paced. I even read notes while riding because I lack the time to read. I am just proud with myself that it can be possible. 😀 Thank God for the gift of wisdom..!

6. Attending 36th Manila International Book Fair 

Well, this is a new experience for me. I had fun book hunting. Maybe next time I’ll be more prepared attending this kind of event. haha! You can read my blog here : MIBF2015 (soon)

7. September 25th Holiday 

I asked my colleague why we have this holiday. She told me that it’s because of a Muslim ritual. So yeah..! No Class.. I can relax. I can blog. Any holiday makes me happy.. ❤ I am also very productive this day. I laundry my clothes, visit the dentist (cleaning and check up) and got some nail salon service.. 😀

8. Lebron’s smile everyday (our dog)

I miss Carey.. RIP Carey.So, Lebron is our only dog now. When I go home everyday, I can see his tail wagging and his big smile. He’s so squishy! 😀

9. My 1st circle (Art Day)

I am thankful that my 1st circle in montessori was manageable. I felt mixed emotions because this is my first time to teach in a montessori way for 16 kids. It happened because my co teacher was absent. Also, I must learn it.  I wonder how do I look like when I was there.. >o< haha!

10. My CTP friends childish act

It’s embarrassing to be mentioned as noisy during class this graduate studies already. I am not involved with that commotion but I will admit that I laugh that time. My seatmate Alfonso initiated the prank that’s why our attention was called. Including me. o.o


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