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Event : The 36th Manila International Book Fair – SMX Convention Center

The 36th Manila International Book Fair

Sept 20, 2015, Sunday – SMX Convention Center



It was my first time to experience a Manila International Book Fair event. I happen to have 2 entrance tickets for this event because the school I am working right now gave it to us teachers. When I first saw the ticket, I felt very excited because I want to experience the book fair event.  As a book reviewer/blogger, I need to explore different kind of events related to publishing like author book signing and book fairs like this for more inputs and be updated with the latest happening in the world of publishing. ❤

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In the back of my mind, my dream is to really work for a publishing company. (I still can’t move on…) I don’t know what happened and I am on the Education field working as a Pre-school teacher. What happened to my career plan? T^T Even though I am not presently working for a publishing co., I was able to attend this book fair and see the different publications booth in the Philippines. That made me happy. I feel involved with the world that I want to be part of. It’s just so exciting for me. The only thing that I didn’t like was it was so CROWDED. So, I really had a hard time to take lots of pictures that day because I keep bumping people from time to time. Argghh..!


My CTP classmate saw me on the entrance hall of this event. I was so surprised because her face was not really familiar with me at first but then she recognized my face. (Her: “Hi Classmate… we are classmates in CTP…”… Me: Oh… Okay! ) It’s a small world after all. I haven’t asked her about why she’s there… It just happen so fast.

Thanks ticket… I got NO freebies at all.. >o<

The first booth we visited is the John Bosco booth (Word and Life Publications). The entrance ticket we had that day came from them. I was disappointed because I thought there are freebies as it was written on their ticket. We only bought their calendar. (Expectation fail…T^T) Then, I decided to go around the whole venue with mom. I am also excited to see different publication booths there.

The Power of Change is my book and Digestion is my mom’s. 100 – 150 pesos only..
Light House Booth …

The lighthouse publication was my favorite because they really had a discount on their book. We end up buying books there. You can also see the quality of their books. They have really interesting topics. I‘m fond of reading inspirational books right now. Most of the books I review recently are inspirational and self-help books. I think it’s more practical to buy this kind of books.

when your mom looks happier than you in the book fair…
KERYGMA… Hi Brother Bo! 😀
Cute Hot Air Balloon Design of Abiva Publications.
National Book Store has an event for Young authors. These are the events posters.
Fully Booked people.. It’s also crowded here..
I found a book about PUSHEEN Cat..haha! One of my most used sticker on Facebook.
Found this Harry Potter 5 book for only 300 something pesos.. wow..!
IMG_4799 (2)
This is Summit Media’s booth.. I had a picture with Inside Out wall.. ❤ haha..wait.. am I placed on anger? o.o

The other publications I know that was there for the book fair were Rex Book Store, National Bookstore (so crowded!), Kerygma Publishing(Hi Bro. Bo!.) Fully Booked, OMF Literature, Abiva, St. Paul Publication and SUMMIT MEDIA. Yeah! Summit Media was also there. You know how I used to dream of working there but it never happened. They had the loudest booth. They even have a celebrity (Andre Paras) autograph signing. I didn’t give me a star struck effect. Yeah, I am too old for this. HAHA! I also went around Summit Media booth to find Tricia Gosingtian Book of Style. I can’t find it. x.x


After attending this book fair, I realized that it’s hard to find move all over the place because there were soooo many people. I know that will happen. Hey! It’s a Sunday. What would you expect? On the other hand, I had fun book hunting with my mom though we only bought 2 books. I think the experience was still worth it. We feel exhausted and hungry after the walking and all. So, It’s Ramen time in Tokyo Tokyo. Happy Eating! ❤


Ps: On the 2nd flr. of SMX there was Best of Anime cosplay event, That’s why we keep on seeing cosplayers everywhere in Mall of Asia. We didn’t go there because we’re exhausted. I regret it because I just found out that Kawaii Ph Ashley Dy’s Booth was there. Better Luck next time! Still waiting for Kawaii in Manila 3! :3


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