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World’s Teacher Day Celebration 2015


Oct 5, 2015


Let the children/youth be inspired with the joy of learning. Transform them into the most beauty of their existence”

– Lovely del Mundo

To touch the hearts of your pupils and to inspire them with the Christian spirit is the greatest miracle you can perform, and one which God expects of you.” 

– St. John Baptiste De La Salle

Being a teacher is the noblest profession as they say. It’s also influential because a teacher leaves a mark on his student’s life. The experience of being a teacher is giving me more sense of maturity. A friend told me that it is easier to work in a call center company than teaching. Teaching never stops. You will bring your work even at home. I want to change my mindset about teaching. I will survive. Nothing in this world is easy. If I focus about the difficulty, I won’t be motivated. Also, I’ll be blind about the best that it can offer to me. There’s a priceless reward in the end of being a teacher and that is a changing contribution to a student’s life and their gratitude.


Last Oct 2, I received red roses and a child’s prayer from the school as a gift for all the teachers there. It made me happy. I think my angel sent it because I was getting emotional that week. It’s not really good. On Oct 5, We celebrated teacher’s day with a mass and the best ever Italian carbonara of Ms. Joan. I love that and I want more.  There’s also chocolate cake.

I would tell myself now that’s not that bad to be a teacher. Haha! Crazy right? You know I wanted to do something else but I guess the teaching industry needs me. That’s why I am here.  I decided to take the opportunity to improve myself to get back on track and to get ready for a bigger world. Slowly but surely.  😀

To all the teacher’s I had and I know… Thanks to you!

Going strong,

Lovely ❤


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