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The Fierce Wife : Taiwanese Drama Review

The Fierce Wife


Xie An Zhen was happily married with one daughter until her husband cheated on her with her cousin. And the ensuing divorce became a battle of love and wits.

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My Personal Review: 

This Fierce Wife another worth watching drama series aired in the Philippines. It is really funny how fans react on its Facebook page.

The show’s airtime  is really confusing but my mom and I still manage to watch.

I have  already followed 3 consecutive dramas in  Asian dramas show since Gumiho days. hahaha! See how a bum life does?

This Drama has a most exciting and irritating story lines. (like All About Eve). I’m used to Korean Dramas so it was kind of different because  its Taiwanese Approach but nevertheless it made me hook (especially my Mom).The actors / actresses have matured role so the candy-coated lovie-doves tweetums role is not existing in the drama. The main target audience most probably the housewives staying at home .

Once upon a time, there was a Happy Family living in their house until a wench lived with them so the conflict came in. Mean ( the cousin of the wife who stole her husband) successfully made Louie (the husband) fell in love with her. The affair grew deeper and lead to a divorce between the couple. sigh. Christine’s life became miserable after that. She’s struggling a lot. She also got a car accident and while she’s confined in the hospital Louie insisted her to sign the divorce paper. See how rude his husband is?

Still She is lucky to have a friend like Timmy Lan aka. Mr. Perfectionist. Timmy Lan is surprisingly a real Rich guy who happened to be her boss at a car company. ( I love Timmy!! :)) ) Kristine calls him cauliflower.. I really want them to end up with each other. I know Kristine deserves the best! Eventually, Timmy was changed by Kristine’s pure heart and kindness. He fell in love with her actually. weee. I remember the moments where Kristine needs to stay at Timmy’s house in able to practice a Ms. Sophisticated 101 drama for her revenge. Kristine is really stunning like a real life model. Unlike, Meanne who looked like Dora the explorer with a forwarded front teeth. (so mean! )

In the end, Louie’s life became miserable and Kristine doesn’t want to fix their relationship. I can’t go back as she said. Go girl! Through, Timmy Lan’s help she changed a lot as well. She became , independent strong and more beautiful woman you’ll ever met. hahaha! ^_^ I love it! Karma did a job well done . ^.^

That’s the  Fierce Wife!!! yeah!! Go go go!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 


6 thoughts on “The Fierce Wife : Taiwanese Drama Review

    1. Oh Hi Ms. Sophia..! yeah.. Actually the Taiwanese drama ” METEOR GARDEN” was the first big hit asian drama here in the philippines.. Do you know Barbie Zhu and Jerry Yan..? Some of your drama was shown here.. 🙂 Have a nice day too..^o^


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