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How do I blog? (Lovely’s Blogging Routine)

the blogger
This is the Camera I usually use for my Blog pictures.. Say Hi!

Blogging becomes a trend in our generation now.  What’s blogging by the way? I searched for a formal meaning of Blogging:

Blogging means……..


Some will say they are writers not blogger. I think it’s almost the same. The difference is bloggers write online while writers write in Print media (Newspapers or magazines). Also, bloggers are most of the time freelancers while writers have regular pay and work for  publishing offices.

Actually, you can also blog as a hobby only. You can make it your life’s diary or personal space in the online world.  Now, there are thousands of bloggers in the world. But, only the passionate and motivated bloggers stays for a long time.

I work part-time blogger in Google Inc. by writing Entertainment News and Job Opportunities in Blogger- Blogspot. I want to share with you how’s my life being a blogger. So basically, I’ll state my routine doing blogs and how do I manage writing everyday online. It will help you as a guide to do especially if you have plans blogging in the future. If you are serious about it, you’ll need to discipline yourself by making a Blog Calendar and do some research for good blog topics.  I have a quota to achieve monthly.

 So here’s Lovely’s Blogging Routine:

  1. Planning

Blog routine 1

I have this monthly monitoring sheet for the Blogger website. By doing this, I was able to see the improvements I made for the blogs. Sometimes, the blog traffic goes down too.  The purpose of this is also to see the progress with what I am doing.  I am making also plans on what to blogs and make publishing schedules for it.

In wordpress, I plan about topics of my interest. I have a Reading list, Watch list and Reviews list.  Then, I also plan about photo shoot schedules and covering any events.

  1. Research

Blog routine 3

After making Topic plans, I do research too. It will add up more ideas in making blogs.  As a Film and Book review, I need the important  details  about the movie productions and book author. Doing some research is a must.

In Fashion, I do research for more styles in the internet. I want J-Fashion (Kawaii!), Burgundy Style (hat and long skirt) and New York Street (It’s funk and rock).^^

  1. Draft and Editing (Grammar Check)

Blog Routine 2

Here we go to the writing proper.  When I write, I don’t use the internet because it destructs me.  I am also tempted to use social media when the internet is on so that prolongs the hours I need in writing. My goal is to always blog 500 + words in wordpress. (On reviews)

I usually write my random ideas about a certain topic first in paper. When I already enumerated it all, I am going to organize it. I type everything in Microsoft word because there’s an instant spelling checker + Proofreading. But sometimes, there’s still errors not seen by the proof-reader so I re-read it again. I like doing this.

  1. Posting Blog (Scheduled Mode)


All my blogs are in a scheduled mode because I want to be organized in publishing my blogs. If I post right away after I write, I can’t balance the number of blogs that I make every month. Also, if there are times that I can’t publish blogs at least I have this scheduled blogs ready.

  1. Promoting / Publicity


In wordpress, Publicity is already automatic when you activate it on WP admin. In Blogger, that’s my problem because I can’t find the publicity menu. As a solution, I just share it one by one in Facebook. Most of my blogger readers are from Facebook.

  1. Interacting with my Readers


This is actually my favorite part. After publishing, my readers will usually like and leave comments on my blog. With that, I am able to learn about their thoughts about the topic. I am learning from them too. Also, their comments gives me an idea what to do next in blogging. I also develop friendship with them especially when we do same blogs. I am happy about that. ^^ Thank you guys!

They say there is more money in YouTube than in Blogging. I know that because there are more people who are interested in watching than reading. It’s okay not really a big deal.  I also like YouTube and I also plan about it too but I will prefer Blogging more because this is what I am inclined to do. I am not yet sure if I have a future in YouTube too. HAHA! Anyway, I enjoyed watching YouTube and reading blogs at the same time.

Blogging has a positive effect in my life. It made me become more motivated in living life. It makes me happy for some reason. It makes me express myself in my own creative way. I want to do this forever. I am in love with blogging. I think no one can’t stop me from doing this even if I don’t earn millions here. Haha!

Thanks for Reading!


24 thoughts on “How do I blog? (Lovely’s Blogging Routine)

    1. Sure… Thanks Rd!! ^^~ Yeah, I remember some time that we talked about how we blog.. something about 1,000 plus words.. ? Also.. about being on Youtube.. as a youtuber.. Actually, we can talk about anything! haha

      Thanks for liking… ! ^o^~ This is my routine.. well as a blogger..

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    1. Thanks that you appreciate it.. ! ^^~ Happy to share… ❤ Well, yeah… Part-time.. That's what I do before but now I have a full-time job.. hahaha! nah, it's not really that big as you perceive Google..

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I just read this comment now upon reviewinG all my past blog post.. Thanks that you are inspired… It’s a good thing that it is a help for you.. more power in blogging too and also in youtube Lita! 😀


  1. Google . . . Wow, that’s interesting! Learning the ins and outs to your blogging routine was a real treat – I’m inspired to stop what I’m doing and draft up a regiment for myself. I know I’ll have a hard time sticking with it, but maybe it’ll click with practice, ya know? Thanks for the cool post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WOW! Hi Takuto how are you? I am really glad that it made you inspired in blogging… 😀 😀 That made me happy.. (coz today is not a happy day for me) Anyway… Just do it…I know you’ll be a better blogger..:D you are welcome as always… ^^~

      Liked by 1 person

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