Stuck in Love (2013): Movie Review


The film opens by introducing the Borgens family and their individual approaches/problems with love. Novelist Bill Borgens (Greg Kinnear) has been struggling to keep it together after his wife Erica (Jennifer Connelly) left him for a younger man two years ago. Instead of working on a new book, he obsesses about his ex, spying on her and her new husband while pretending to be jogging. Rusty (Nat Wolff) is a high school student who is in love with a girl in his class named Kate (Liana Liberato), but never has the courage to talk to. Sam (Lily Collins) is a college student who enjoys being cynical about love.



Stuck in Love (2013) is about family, relationships, love and life realities. I noticed that in reality that a certain career is being grouped by genes or family line. I know some family that the husband and wife are surgeons, the daughter is pediatrician … or… can be a group of teachers or business people… See, it’s in the genes. It’s my observation. Anyway, it’s not applicable to all. In the movie, it happened. Regarding their approach to love, it is the common ground of this family. Will they ever live or live without love in life?


The story focuses on the life of Borgens family as individuals and as a family. They are all writers. Bill, Sam and Rusty have all the common ground towards their approach to love. The resolution and lessons in the end will define their goals in life and happiness.


Greg Kinnear as Bill Borgens 

Bill has been struggling to keep it together after his wife Erica  left him for a younger man two years ago. Instead of working on a new book, he obsesses about his ex, spying on her and her new husband while pretending to be jogging.

Jennifer Conneley as Erica 

Bill’s ex- wife and living with his younger husband. Once in a while, she meets up with Rusty. She’s not good terms of Samantha because her daughter doesn’t accept that her mom left them for this new guy.

Nat Wolff as Rusty 

Rusty is a high school student who is in love with a girl in his class named Kate but never has the courage to talk to. He’s also obsess with Stephen King Books.

Logan Lerman as Louis 

He’s a band guitarist who happened to meet Samantha in a pub. He eventually become the boyfriend of Sam.

Liana Liberato as Kate 

She’s an innocent looking high school girl but in reality a wild – liberated chic. Rusty likes her and protected her in one house party. Eventually, they had this intimate relationship.


I am not expecting that much on its cinematography. The film quality is good visually. The transition of each characters point of view as well is good.


  • Borgens Family House
  • Rusty’s Classmate House Party
  • Rusty’s High School
  • Pub / Bar
  • Ice Skating Rink

Comments and Suggestions:

My cousin recommends me to watch this film. She told me that it’s really good and she likes it so much. And so, she’s also the source of my movie files, the movie came to me directly from her. (Hi there Crisgine!)

So let’s get into the film! It’s a story about the family of writers.  Dad is a famous author… Daughter is a literary prodigy that already just published her own book too… Son is also an aspiring writer obsessed with Stephen King… It’s a family profession. The story revolves on the problems and conflict of each family’s members relationships and life.  I felt the drama of a family usually has. They are broken family. There’s a struggle where the children are going through. When I’ve seen the whole family getting together again incidentally  inside a car , somehow I feel delighted on that scene.


Sam as a daddy’s girl

Individually, the characters have different perspectives.  Like,  the dad had this regret on his marriage, the daughter is cynical about love and the son is curious about life.  I thought at first that this film is a 3 story movie style like Acoustic (korean movie) that I have watched before but it’s only about stories connected about each member of the family.

The start and end of the movie is about Thanks Giving Day where you prepare a Turkey. I noticed it. It’s a good idea because an American Family commonly gathers in Thanks Giving.  The choice of actors is good. They are all very appropriate for their role.

The character that I can relate the most to is Samantha. She became an author that made her dad proud and disappointed at the same time. Yes, she did published her own book but without his father consent.  Samantha is also cynical towards love/ relationships. We’re same about it. I remember a scene where she is in a pub where there a people of her age who drinks and the band night performers. Sam is pretty so most likely guys will come to her and offer her a drink. The way she would converse with these men is just so funny.She’s talking the whole time where in the other person can’t relate to her anymore.  Her IQ is way too high for these guys. She doesn’t care but talk about random things. Also, she doesn’t have plans for dating or what. I love the part when Louis met her. It’s just amazing.

Please watch it, I don’t want to give spoilers! It thrilled me. Find a guy who’s really into you! Logan Lerman and Lily Collins romance here is my favorite. ❤

This is a good film. Writers out there will be interested. Though, the movie is  R-18 and not suitable for all ages. The plot is realistic and dramatic. Thumbs up!

 Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Source: Google Images 


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