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(November 2015) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

Panda Town Center

Hi Guys!  This is my 10 Happy Things (Monthly Edition). This will be one of my regular blog topic every month. Enjoy Reading it! If you want, you can make one too for positive motivation.. 😀

November is a busy month. Everyone’s looking forward to prepare for Christmas.  I can feel the cool breeze already. I feel cool now..~ Just read the details below on how I live this November. 🙂



  1. CTP enrollment

I am enrolled again for the second semester for the CTP course. It will all be finished on March 2016. I am happy that I was able to enroll again with my own money. It feels like I am getting independent already when it comes investments. 2nd sem here I come! 😀

2. Rilakkuma Minecraft (Request Granted) #special

Once again Axel the Key made me happy. ❤ Thanks Rd as always! ~ The Rilakkuma Minecraft I requested a month ago was completed.  It’s just so cute! (^o^)v

Watch it here!:

3. WORDS AND RHYTHM  new domain  name and theme

This is the thing that really made me happy. It took me a long time to finally have my own domain. I even want to borrow Mark Zuckerberg brain just to figure it out all. haha! Anyway, I feel satisfied with what I have in my new theme. I am not using self-hosting yet. I am still waiting  for wordads approval.  This is really a big deal for me as I have further plans with my blog. 😀

4. Watching Anime …

I’ve got the time to watch anime again but honestly InuxBoku didn’t impress me that’s why I dropped it. Somehow, it was entertaining. I think I’ll watch a different anime instead.

5. Twirl All you can in Family Mart 

If you love ICE CREAM, definitely you’ll love going to the family mart to buy this twirl all you can promo. My favorite flavor is Green Tea as i am not really a fan of caramel. I am not good in using the ice cream machine. (my mom is worse than me..haha) Anyway, I think the experience is fun. 😀

6. Giving my highschool friend a birthday gift.

It’s Camu’s birthday. She’s one of the closest friend I have in life. I featured her already in my blog. She’s also Sergeant Nanako.  To have a short talk about life update and her appreciation for my gift made me happy as well.. Cheers to 8 years of our friendship! 😀

7. Etude House (First Purchase) + Town Center Gallivanting.. 😀

One of the best sunday I have was last Nov 22. We’re supposed to attend “The Feast” Alabang but I didn’t know it’s K-CON that time so we decided to just attend a mass on a nearby church. Of course, I won’t let this day pass without an OOTD photo that will be posted soon. wahaha! It’s also my comeback to my most favorite mall 3 years ago.. ALABANG TOWN CENTER. My mom was happy that strolling around there  didn’t make me emotional.  (the day I resigned teaching koreans.) I just want stick with good memories and be thankful that i am blessed to be given another chance and hope.

Firest Etude House purchase

There was a new ETUDE HOUSE shop there. I hop in to check a lip tint because I want one. I prefer liptint than lipstick. well, mom suddenly had this spirit of generosity to me.  haha.. Thanks for this mom! ❤

8. My high school friend + wp anime blogger friend getting married finally! <3<3<3

Hey why everybody is getting married?! 😮  HAHA… My high school friend residing in London is engaged right now with her long time British boyfriend. She suddenly contact me via FB chat so I got to confirm that. 🙂 After that, Otaku Rui published a blog about her getting married also.  All are scheduled next year. Happy for them .:D

9. 이종현(CNBLUE) & 주니엘(JUNIEL) – 사랑이 내려(Love falls) Music Video #Special

When I first discover this music video, it felt like there are arrows struck straight in my heart. I feel giddy. It’s kinda mushy but I don’t know why. Maybe, I miss that kind of feeling. Haha! This song is just perfect. I want to play it over and over again. Juniel works better with Jonghyun’s voice than Yong hwa’s.  They look happier together. haha.! Remember how I used to be obsessed with CNBLUE. I changed my bias now anyway.. .Haha! What a sweet christmas, isn’t it?


10. 2 Holidays for this month! Dasmarinas Day (Nov26) and Bonifacio Day (Nov30)

Do I still need to explain this? Any holiday is a happy day for me.. 😉 hahaha!


2 thoughts on “(November 2015) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

  1. I always love your monthly things or things that you love to do. It always reflects on how grateful you are over things in your life. The most relaxing and enjoyable things to read 🙂

    Oh and thanks for mentioning my Rilakkuma Minecraft creation 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks that you love it! ^o^ Thanks also for the time to check out this blog.. as I’ve said rilakkuma is mentioned..! 😀 No problem about that. It’s one of the simple things that made me happy.. Thanks Rd! 😀 Sometimes I encounter problems and sadness, doing this 10 happy things makes me focus on my blessings than the problems. It really helps.. 🙂 Thanks for appreciating it. ^^


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