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A Thought for Christmas: The Art of Giving

A Thought for Christmas: The Art of Giving

By: Lovely del Mundo

Sharing something with other people will make you happy in return. In this world, we don’t live alone. As saying goes by, no man is an island. We all have something to share in this world. That’s what we need to discover within ourselves.

This Christmas, Have you think about what you can give to others? Most of us are excited on what we will receive for Christmas. Most of the kids are very excited about the toys that their parents promised to them. As for adults, we’re excited about gift checks, 13th month pay, Christmas parties and Christmas bonus. We’re all being preoccupied with all these stuffs to receive but forgetting the real meaning of Christmas which is the birth of Jesus Christ our savior. What can we give back to Jesus as we reflect on his birth that signifies our salvation? The question was repeated again, right?

Giving doesn’t talk only about material things like the common gifts. It can also be something intangible like talent. If you are good in singing, you can sing Christmas carols in your village. If you are more knowledgeable on this one thing, you can share it to your amateur fellow. You can also share your time to someone who needs a shoulder to cry on or an attentive ear to listen just to make them feel better. It’s priceless indeed. See…therere lots of ways to give. You won’t have any excuse.

In our school, we have an outreach program to the people of SITIO MALABON. It’s a place near dumpsite where some people live. We’re hoping these giftswill reach them and make their Christmas somehow a good one. 🙂

Photo Credit : Teacher Donna

Let me share you some thoughts of author Bo Sanchez about generosity:

Some people see generosity as a side effect of becoming rich. The opposite is true. I see becoming rich as a side effect of becoming generous.

“ I am rich and getting richer. I am generous and getting more generous. God is blessing me with wealth. I am a channel of blessing to others.”

Happy Christmas to all of you! 😀


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