10 Happy Things

(December 2015) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition


Hi Guys!  This is my 10 Happy Things (Monthly Edition). This will be one of my regular blog topic every month. Enjoy Reading it! If you want, you can make one too for positive motivation.. 😀 

I don’t care about the presents under the Christmas tree…. Just Make my wish come true.. Baby, All I want for Christmas is you!~~~ Haha.. Oh I am singing. Hi there! What it’s December already..?!? The last month of the year. Gosh! Okaaay… So here goes my list again of the happy thing I have for December!!! 2015!!! YOSH! 😀

  1. Visiting my Dentist

Finally, my plan to visit the dentist happened. It was cancelled last time because I realized that my schedule is so jam-packed. I can’t find for it last November. For a sweet tooth like me, It’s a must to have an appointment with my dentist especially before holiday. 😀

  1. Christmas Family Lunch @ Josephine’s Restaurant, Tagaytay City
And this is my order. PUTTANESCA..<3

This Christmas 2015 , my family tried something new. We all know it’s the first time for us to spend our time outside home. It is true.  Most of the time,  Mom just cook at home and we eat. Some visitors will come.  I suggest to break the routine (or is it my mom’s idea? i think it’s both of us…). We also attend a mass in our lady of Lourdes church and lighted candles for our prayers to our thanksgiving and wishes. This Christmas is a wonderful experience. The fact we are all together is already a blessing and much more to eat lunch in Josephine Restaurant.. 🙂 Happy Birthday Jesus! ^^

  1. DLSU-D Bazaar (Oreo Frappe)

I miss bazaars! I am so happy strolling around the bazaar even though I just bought Oreo Frappe. I am with my CTP friends . It made me reminisce about my college days too. 🙂

  1. Attending Chai’s Debut celebration

The party was Hawaiian themed. The participants in the party wore their best beach attire. The cake is minion designed. It’s just so cute. The debutante lives in the same village as ours. They are a sports enthusiast family. My brother was listed for the 18 toast so that’s why our family was invited.  Attending this event gave me good vibes! 😀

  1. 13th month pay

This is my first time to receive 13th month pay. Sounds cool.  I am not expecting too much. Of course, it will go for my tuition fee though. Define self-finance post graduate education

  1. SM GIFT CHECKs means shopping. 🙂 (Dec26)

My dad is a government employee. In his work, they were given SM GIFT CHECKs. I won’t say the amount anymore… :p I was blessed by it too. So yeah.. This calls for shopping. I bought my needs. And Finally, I was able to buy an EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE… Give it to me  I AM WORTH IT! 😀

7. Unexpected number of Gifts


After the school’s christmas party, I realized that I am having a hard time putting all my stuffs on my bag.  Oh.. These are many… 😮 This is the perks of being a PRE-SCHOOL teacher.  Parents are ALWAYS ACTIVELY involved in Pre-school so this is their giving back to teachers who has lots of patience with their kids.. 🙂

8. 5th Blogversary of my very own Words and Rhythm Blog.

Wooooh! This made me happy! 😀 I love blogging. This is really something to celebrate… Read my blog about it here : 5th Blogversary

9.  Outreach program to Sitio Malabon!

In our place, there is a dumpsite where some less fortunate people lives. Our school decide help them through giving some goods like toiletries and foods for the children there from our students. Sharing is the real spirit of Christmas. 😀


Yeah. Sweet Holiday… The long break is here… 2 weeks of vacation is really HURRAY! Actually, I will be still busy this break because I need to do the requirements for my post graduate school and blogging of course. I want to take advantage of this break to be still productive on my passion and to relax at the same time. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all of you ! ❤


17 thoughts on “(December 2015) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

      1. You might want to try it also! Making 10 happy thing about your life every month.. It’s a personal blog… Ah really? Me too… I didn’t expect to become a pre-school teacher because it never crossed my mind..But yeah… That’s my full-time job.. and they don’t know I am secretly a blogger.. hahahaha! :p

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ll think about it. Fujinsei is not really a personal blog, but if I ever do this feature, perhaps I can change it a bit to become more anime-like. We’ll see. You gave me something to think about. That’s so interesting. How long have you been teaching pre-school?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah… As I’ve seen, Funjinsei is most likely a pure anime blog. You also do have some collaborations with other bloggers right.. I’ll watch out for that. Are you earning through ads like other bloggers too?

        I am glad that you find it interesting. 🙂 Hmm.. I was hired May 2015.. so It’s 7 months already… I have a plan to change job by March 2016… I just need to finish this school year. Teaching Pre-school requires Universe size patience. I like kids. But, I think it’s time to pursue the thing that i really wanted for my teaching career. Oh I’ve said a lot already.. Sorry about that…. How about you what’s your current job? Are you still a student?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. It is. That’s why I rarely share personal details about my life in my blog. I’m still not sure about doing this 10 Happy Things, but we’ll see. I’ll be thinking about it. I did some collabs in the past, yes, but I’m not actively looking to do some on a regular basis. But if an opportunity presents itself and I have some extra time on my hands, why not?

        I have affiliate links on my blog, yes, but WordPress.com is really not the most ideal place to earn through ads. Besides I don’t blog solely to earn money. I blog because I enjoy doing it. How about you?

        Ooooh. I see. I thought you’ve been working as a pre-school teacher for years. So it was only recently. I understand. Well, as long as you work towards achieving your ideal career, you’ll reach it eventually. Best of luck. I’m a university student and will be for many years more.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Me… If I have an extra time, I would like to do more blogging and work with my youtube channel too… plus travel.. But, I just do things according to what is possible now. Do you know that I am also a student every saturday? I am enrolled in a post graduate course in a university… ! I am actually a busy person.. It’s just Christmas break now so I have time for blogging… 😉

        Oh I see… you earn through wordads.. I hope wordads will approve me early this year. Me, I have blogspot… that’s an earning blog given to me by my uncle.. I still maintain it.. this words and rhythm is my personal blog… 🙂 I am not earning in wordpress.. I got to blog for 5 years already without earnings so it’s passion… ❤ I love doing it.. No one can stop me..

        Thank you! I am also praying for that goal of mine. What's your major by the way?

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      6. Oh wow. How’s the vlogging going on for you? You seem so busy. And I didn’t know that you blog for another site besides your WordPress blog. So you have classes every Saturday plus your work as preschool teacher? Sounds tough. But good luck.

        Your uncle’s generous! What’s the link to that website? I want to see. My major is English with specialty in Literature.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Really Sounds Tough. I become a Tough person so I was able to manage it.. 🙂 I am proud of it. Yep… Weekdays – preschool teacher, Saturday – University student and Sunday- blogger .. That’s how my life happens… : D VLOG? Hahaha.. Nah.. I am not doing VLOG.. quite impossible for me to do.. It’s too much already.. I’ll just update you about my youtube..It’s something different.. 🙂

        Really.. My uncle just give me that because he can’t handle it because he’s doing more blogs.. then he got a work in a call center agency.. He’s on his 50’s….

        http://mychismis.blogspot.com/ — Here’s the link

        WOW!!! English with specialty in Literature.. That’s amazing..! I think it suits you .. 🙂 Wait you’re a Filipina right? Do you still speak tagalog?

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Good for you. But that’s life. I think it was Albert Einstein who said that life is like riding a bicycle. We just have to keep moving to keep our balance and not fall. Oh, so if you’re not vlogging, what’s your Youtube about?

        Oh. My Chismis, eh? It’s like PEP.ph filled with entertainment news. Interesting. Must be a lot of work because you have to be updated with the latest news to remain relevant.

        I love reading and literature and writing, so this is what I’m taking. And to answer your question, oo, marunong akong mag-Tagalog. Basta ‘wag lang masyadong malalim ala “Ibong Adarna” at magkakaintindihan pa rin tayo. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      9. I like it to be a music channel.. hehe.. 🙂 Yep.. Something like Pep.ph.. It’s okay.. I need to blog there everyday… Wow… I love your major.. so what would be your ideal job?

        HAHAHA! Natawa ako nung nagtagalog ka na..Ibong Adarna talaga… haha.. You’re residing in Canada right? I have a friend who lives in Vancouver first then transfer in Edmonton this year because of more opportunities.. 🙂 Nice Hope to hear more of you this 2016..

        It’s 9 pm here in the Philippines..! 4 hours to midnight.. Happy New year sayo ah!!! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Do you mind if I speak Tagalog from now on? I’ve encountered a few Pinoys in the blogosphere and some of them request that I speak to them in English and not in Tagalog. I don’t know why. As for the others, I enjoy talking with them in Tagalog. Which do you prefer?

        Thinking about becoming a university Professor, but anything to do with writing and reading will be fine with me.

        Oo, nakatira ako dito sa Canada. Malayo ako sa Vancouver. Sa kabilang dulo ‘yon ng Canada. Nandito ako sa Toronto, medyo malapit sa U.S. border. Just a few hours and nasa New York na.

        Hindi pa New Year dito. Mamaya pa. New Year na diyan, I know. Happy New Year! Cheers!

        Liked by 1 person

      11. I don’t mind if we talk in tagalog. It’s okay… ! 😀

        Wow.. University Professor.. Cool..!
        Ah.. Maraming Filipino kahit saan talaga eh no..Ang usok ng new year dito.. at maingay… Ah malapit sa New York, nakarating ka na ba ng New York..? The city that never sleeps.. empire state of mind…What made you stay in canada? Family business?

        Liked by 1 person

      12. Tingnan natin kung ‘yan ang magiging career ko. Ineenjoy ko muna ngayon ang buhay ng isang perpetual na estudyante. Oo nga eh. Maingay nga diyan. Dito medyo tahimik. Nanuod lang kami ng New Year concert sa TV na nangyari sa New York City sa New York Times Square. Wala yata budget ang Toronto ngayon sa isang magarbong New Year concert. Ahaha. Pero okay lang, masaya naman manuod kahit sa TV. Tsaka malamig sa labas dahil winter kaya hindi ko rin gustong lumabas para manuod ng mga fireworks sa personal.

        No. Ang malapit dito ay ‘yong New York State, hindi ‘yong New York City. Medyo malayo rin ‘yon, pero kayang i-drive. Ang pinakamalapit dito ay Buffalo, New York. Tawid lang ng bridge, and then America na.

        Nandito ang paternal side ng pamilya ko. Siguro kung hindi ako dito pumunta, nasa Guam ako. Nandoon ang maternal side ng family ko. Marami ring pinoy doon. Saang parte ka sa Pilipinas? Sa Manila ba or sa ibang lugar. Taga-Pangasinan ang pamilya ko.

        Liked by 1 person

      13. Grabe ah.. Feeling ko na miss mong mag tagalog..! Ikakatuwa ni Jose Rizal yan iha.. 😀 haha..! Ok na rin yun… at least kahit paano na celebrate ang new year.. Ah so iba pala ang New York State sa City? Nasa isip ko kasi New York City.. Manhattan.. hehehe… Filipinos are everywhere.. haha! Sa California maraming pinoy.. yung tita ko dun naka based.. Sa Cavite ako. nakatira.. 😀 May plan kang bumalik ng Pinas?

        Liked by 1 person

      14. Ahahaha. Totoo ‘yan. Masaya nga ako ‘pag Tagalog ang ginagamit ko sa mga nakikilala ko na Pinoy dito sa blogosphere eh. Puro English dito, gusto ko rin mag-Tagalog para naman hindi mawala ang mga bokabularyo ko, diba?

        Oo. Iba ‘yon. Ang New York City ay isang parte lang ng New York State. Tama. Filipinos are everywhere. Kalat-kalat tayo pero proud to be pinoy pa rin ang karamihan sa atin. Maganda ‘yon.

        Ooooooh. I see. Uhm. Is it okay if we continue our conversation via e-mail. I kinda worry about having these kind of personal conversations lalo na at nagsasabi tayo ng mga specific na lugar dito sa comment section where everyone can read it.

        Anyway, happy new year uli.

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