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Making your Emotions Work For You : Book Review

Making Your Emotions Work for  you 


By Harold Sala

Just as there are many colors, many negative emotion can fill your heart and overwhelm you. Yet no matter how hard you wish that these emotions simply fly away, the only way for you to face them is by learning how to manage them.  In fact, you can even use these emotions to your advantage!

Review: Making Your Emotions Work with you  © 2010 (Reprinted)

is a self-help and Christian book that focuses on an how an individual can make friends with his/her emotions. Readers can learn how to confront inner challenges and apply biblical principles for guidance.

I borrowed it from Ms. Joan. She’s my colleague (accounting officer). In our school’s faculty and staff christmas party, she’s the person who received my gift which is a book. I am surprised that she loves book too. I think she’s the closest to me (also literally) since our village is near to her village and we walked home together everyday. I ask her to lend me her book because I like reading inspirational book. 🙂

The Authors Writing Style

The authors of this book is Harold Sala. He’s a famous Christian author.  He used many book references as he writes this book. Each chapter is very detailed. He’s very into details and examples. He also prepared question for self reflection each chapter. He’s target reader is someone who can reach his level of thinking also. There are some points that is too deep so I tend to skip some parts.



My favorite thoughts in the book that I will share:

Chapter 6 : Anger friend or Foe

When someone annoys you and you feel the ire rising within, you’ve got to ask yourself, “is this guy worth it? Am I willing to stoop to his or her level?” You’ve got to remind yourself of the fact that you are wasting an awful lot of adrenaline over an issue that just isn’t worth it. Far too often when we are bothered by something our responses are emotional overkill.

Chapter 7: The Inner Struggle of Worry

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs, and don’t forget to thanks him for his answers. If you do this, you will experience God’s peace, which is far more wonderful than human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and your heart quiet and at rest as you trust in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4: 6-7TLB)

Chapter 8: Winning the battle with fear

It is my belief that every person needs someone in whom he can confide to serve as a sounding board, who will keep his confidence, who will give him the freedom to say whatever is on his mind without ridicule, without being judgmental or rejecting him. This is what professionals do, yet the responsibility to help others in this way rests on all of us who are part of the family of God.

Chapter 9: Boredom – When your Emotions Flatline


  1. Start with your personal self
  2. Rediscover passion in your marriage
  3. Overcome boredom by discovering God’s purpose and will for your life
  4. Displace boredom by realistically setting goals for your life and home
  5. Overcome boredom by injecting enthusiasm into your work
  6. Break out of the morass of mediocrity
  7. Make a difference in our world
  8. Search out the needs of others and give some of your time and talent to help someone less fortunate than you.
  9. Develop a passion to know God

Chapter 10: Coping with Stress

Insights from Scripture that enable you to fight Stress

  1. Get God’s Perspective
  2. Let your relationship with God be an anchor that holds you steady in the time of storm
  3. Stop bearing you load and God’s as well
  4. Apply Scriptural principles to the situation creating your stress
  5. Decide what your physical and emotional load limits are
  6. Budget stress by managing your time
  7. Be filled with the spirit of God


I find this like a book version of Inside Out. (By the way that’s my top blog for 2015) It deals with handling our emotions. We feel in depending on what kind of situations are happening to us. As for me, I need the advice for “worry” and “stress”. I am the type of person who tends to overthink things so that stresses me out.  I need this for my decision making situations.  I am learning to manage that weakness of mine. With the help of the book, I discovered some tips. It’s quite helpful.

I can recommend this book to anyone. It will be more appreciated by Christian people and Harold Sala’s followers. 🙂 

Rating : 7.5 out of 10


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