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(January 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

Hi Guys welcome back to my 10 HAPPY THINGS monthly edition!  It’s a new start of the year 2016.  To tell you the truth, I had a hard time thinking about what made me happy this month.  You thought it’s easy to make “the happy things blog” every month? No, it’s not because it’s not always happy everyday. But, that’s the challenge here. Your goal is to make yourself happy by even the small things that made you smile.  It’s an effective motivation for me.  My schedule is hectic. I need to do a lot of things in work and in my graduate school. The school year is about to end and so many requirements are needed to accomplish. I will be positive that I can do it all successfully. 🙂 I am ready 2016!  So let’s get it on!

  1. Windows 10 + Lappy Reformat


One of the best decision I made on my tech life is to reformat my laptop and make it windows 10. I am a laptop person than a phone. I am also an SMS/email person than call. It made my lappy work faster and be advance. It can read the unreadable videos before. More features that I haven’t explored yet but I am going there if I can have more time.  😀

2.  2015 MASHUP song by KHS and SamTsui (Dec 30)

I forget to include this in December happy things! I really enjoyed watching this.. ❤

3. Paradise Kiss Movie Review 

It’s my most liked recently watched movie. I watched it last Christmas Break. Finally, I found where I can watch this cause I am looking for it in ages already.  Haha! After watching this, Keito Kitagawa get married. What?! Check out my movie review of this!

3. Café Latte Frappe @ DLSU-D


I went to DLSU-D to pay for my tuition fee. I miss drinking coffee so before I go home, I went to the square canteen and bought this Cafe Latte Frappe. I was so happy because it’s been a long time since I had one. Not Starbucks but it’s okay… 😀

4. That one Ice Cream day…

I ate Blueberry Ice Cream in the university. I was just convinced to buy by my ctp friend. I like anything berry flavor. Oh Shet, I forgot.. I ate something Japanese that day! Fish tempura… T.T  Oh snap.. No picture at all…. When I got home, there’s a double dutch ice cream in our fridge. Ice cream day.. Happy sweet tooth… ❤

5.  Meejmuse couple (Jen + Will) youtuber !


This is my new favorite youtuber. Jen is actually a beauty blogger/youtuber. I discovered meejmuse with the Christian song “Draw me close to you”.  Eventually, I was drawn watching meejmuse heart to heart videos. It’s fun. I admire Jen and Will’s relationship. #relationshipgoals. Will is so funny! I really laugh out loud when I watch even my mom was curious what I am watching. Haha… I also like Jen’s make up tips and her make up haul is so grand! 😮

6. Family Day @ Sons of Holy Mary Immaculate Seminary (Jan23)

It’s my second time to go  here in the seminary. This time is for  the FAMILY DAY.  I was absent for my Saturday prelims exam just to attend this. It was fun. The kids looks very happy to play and bond with their parents. I think this is a good event in school so that parents can make time to have fun activities with their children. Parents are always busy on weekdays.  My favorite part of the day is running in the meadows to see the different animals there like dogs, pigs, fishes and pigeons. I love asket the dog. He’s so big but cutie patootie… ❤ #dogperson It’s a new experience for me. I will miss this kind of activity.

7. When the kids enjoy playtime

I also enjoy the everyday playtime of the children. I just realized that it’s so good to be a child. You don’t need to think a lot about life because mama and papa will be there for you always. They’re laughing and running free as they can. I enjoy watching them. I want to re-live the child within me because I am already #adulting.

8. Tricia Gosingtian is ENGAGED!

Photo published for I'm Getting Married! - Tricia Will Go Places

“OMG! My favorite blogger is getting married…” (Like everybody else comment…) At first, I thought Tricia was just only celebrating 5 years anniversary with her bf RG. Then, I was surprised when I saw her blog post entitled… “I’am getting married”.  What?! Haha! I am happy for her. (T.T) I was following her blog for a long time already. She was one of the inspirations I have in fashion and blogging. When I read the post, I actually cried because I find her words very genuine and straight form the heart. .It’s crazy, right? I was overwhelmed by it too. #mayforever


I feel so free breaking my routine going to work on Mondays because this time I am a student not a teacher. HAHA! I was like… “Yes.. No Kids to watch out!”.. In reality, it’s hard to be a pre school teacher in my case esp. for classroom management. Patience. period. Anyway, this day I am in the university to take my exams. It’s just so-so. I feel god that day. Good thing I am not alone because Carmey also was there with me to take the exam.  😀

10. Feast in Indang + my first Uber ride

Definitely a very busy day because I have lots of things to do in this day. It will be a food trip so it’s going to be fun..hahaha! :p Also, this is my first uber ride. Our neighbor (my mom’s friend) happens to be an uber driver so we asked them to fetch us in Indang because Dad won’t go with us. I find it cool that they use GPS and it suggests ways to avoid traffic. haha!


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