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25, Keep looking ahead

 I M Anxious To Eat Wallpaper

Wow! Now, I am making a birthday blog and still a blogger. I even become a teacher now. Also, I am a university student again for a post graduate course. It was totally insane that I was able to have 3 titles within just one year! Oh snap! 😮 It’s hard to believe but it just all happened smoothly. My life became more interesting and busy.  It seemed like I have many things to share with you now saying that. See how amazing my life changed last year. From zero, I move to 7.  There’s progress happening in my life. I am thankful about that. And, Blogging helped me to be inspired, motivated and build myself up for the better.

In the Montessori school I am working, there is a birthday lesson where the child will go around the lamp depending on how old he is. The lamp represents the sun and the child holds the planet earth. Of course, I won’t have my birthday lesson like that.   It would be tiring (and embarrassing because it’s not cute anymore if I do that….) to go around 25 times. Haha! (But, can I have my birthday crown anyway?) The best birthday lesson for me would be the lessons in life I learned so far as I grow and rebuild myself again to be a more empowered lady than before.

Here some changes happened:

I got a new job.  To the people who are religiously following my blog updates, you all know that I am making the “10 Happy Things” (monthly edition) for positivity and self – motivation.  Blogging is like a therapy for me. I release stress and tension that I am feeling presently. At the same time, I was able to express myself with my own way and no limitation. Anyway, I mentioned in my May 2015 Happy Things that I am hired with this new job. I am a preschool teacher.  I never thought that it would happen till it happen to me. Haha! The adjustment to this new job felt really hard for me in my 6 months there. It looks basic because in other people eyes they only see  the tip of the iceberg. Come on! Try Pre-school classroom management, you’ll know what I am talking about here. It was physically draining. The environment, the kids and animals are therapeutic for me and it’s a pro-life career as I would define.

I am enrolled in a post graduate teaching program.  Since I am hired in a school, I need to comply with the requirement of the 3 years probation contract which needs to earn teaching unit and the license. The rules go with all the school in the country. It just happened so fast. Now, I am almost graduating the course. I thought it was fun because I am not only learning a new profession but also I was able to meet new friends that  feels like a family. Our CTP batch is awesome.

Being a versatile blogger.  I always make time in blogging. Managing the entertainment news in blogger as well as working with my dear Words and Rhythm that just celebrated its 5th year is a commitment. I want to cry now! >.<   Being busy is not an excuse especially when you love doing something. I love writing/blogging. I just find comfort doing it. I can’t stop my hands typing when I have something in mind.  I find joy doing it. Though, I am not in the publishing industry it’s okay.  Thanks that blogging became a trend. It’s open to everyone for me to continue writing.  I love my wordpress community! Thanks for being there liking and commenting with what I am doing. The support is always well appreciated.  Let’s meet for real someday guys! Haha! ❤

I found myself.  The worst thing that will happen to a human is to lose himself.  I realized that I am completely healed with my so called “sickness” when I already found myself.  It started when I was able to read my past blogs. (when I was allowed to use the computer again and use the internet.) I’ve been so hard with myself for 2 years. It was regretful and very painful.  It’s true that you need to love yourself first before you can give out yourself to the world. The process of healing took long on my part. Regardless of all the things happened, I was healed.  Now, I am here doing lots of improvement, achieving unexpected recognitions and keep looking ahead towards my goals to realize my dreams.  #ThankyouGod

So, What are my plans ahead?…I won’t tell so always stay tuned with my blog. : p

How I celebrated? (with family.. ❤ and Banana Split)




I want to share this ATC song entitled brighter.  The lyrics reflects  my life right now.

Also, I don’t know bout you but I am feeling like 22! Haha


“It is not the experiences of your life that determine your outcome. It is the meaning you attach to each experience” – Anonymous

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5 thoughts on “25, Keep looking ahead

  1. I’ll admit, I only pop in here and there, but I’ve come to know you pretty well this past year. I love hearing your success, failures, triumphs, and joys. Keep on keeping on, and don’t stop talking to us. We enjoy your presence!!
    And most of all, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!! It’s a great time to be alive!

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    1. Aww… >.< Of course, I will stay connected with you guys.. AniBloggers are really awesome… ❤ I enjoyed visiting your cafe too once in a while… Thanks because you never forget to comment.. 🙂 And reach me out :') Thanks for the greeting! Better late than Never… 😀 #Takutotwitterpls

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I know it’s super late even for saying happy belated birthday….
    I’ve missed a lot from your blog. You have new job, sometimes you need to make a jump for your better future career. Regardless of what happened in the past, things that I don’t know from you, keep fighting still for your dream. You will make your own better world 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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