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(February 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

Hi Guys welcome back to my 10 HAPPY THINGS monthly edition!  Happy Hearts Month to all of you whoever you are! Please, it’s not exclusive to couples only okay? Everyone experience love in different ways. It’s open to all. Of course, this is my favorite month because it’s my birthday! ❤ What a Lovely Month! ❤ So do check out the happenings that made me smiiileee this month! ❤

  1. Love Yourself – Justin Bieber (Cover) Megan Nicole #LSS

~ I’m addicted listening this version. At first, I really don’t appreciate the original song. I thought it’s just another Bieber song. When I got the chance to watch this cover in youtube, I got LSS and suddenly has this interest to memorize the song. Haha! Crazy right?  I think Wesley is cute.. haha.. :p I really miss playing the guitar.. just a little wait!

2. I passed a Renewal of Employment letter. (not resignation letter)

~You learn how to make decisions by making decisions. Yes, I decided to stay. After a long discernment about my career situation, I think it’s wiser to stay on my job right now. I am happy because I think I am being wise right now. I ask God for guidance in making decisions because I am really bothered thinking about it for the whole January.  There are more disadvantages if I will quit the job. Kids are lovable anyway so it’s better to stay. It’s not yet time to take off. #patience #bewiser

3. Gourmet’s Farm ( Going Out Activity) @ Silang Cavite

~ This is our class second going out activity. Remember I blogged about Artist haven Cafe (1st going out activity). It was really nice in Gourmet’s farm because it’s back to nature! I know the kids really enjoyed going there. ❤ Haha! I will make a blog about the trip so stay tuned (in March).

4. I Ranked #1 in ERME. yay! >.< arigatou!

~ I am absent (Feb13) on my Saturday class because I am in the kids field trip. After the trip, I am surprised that my classmate sent a text msg saying “congratulations, you are ranked # 1 in ERME (subject in CTP). 😮 I am just really happy because it’s an unexpected achievement. I am having a hard time recently to divide my time in study and work then this happened. I laughed. Miracles can happen everyday. God, thanks for the wisdom! 🙂

5. Watching City Hunter 

City HunterC-p2.jpg

~  I use my time now efficiently so I really don’t have idle moments. If I am not in work, I am doing something for my graduate school and blogging. Spare time are used for watching drama or movie for my reviews on blog. It’s good to be preoccupied in my case. City Hunter was fun to watch. I appreciate Lee Min Ho here as an actor. He’s like the perfect guy in S. Korea. I wonder why I am not crazy about him. I don’t like a perfect guy. competition is tough! haha.. The plot is interesting and the action. It’s about a city hunter life but I am a treasure hunter. Haha! :p

6. Valentine’s Extended Goodies

~ I didn’t feel that I am single just because it’s valentine’s day. Hey! It’s just mind over matter. I feel loved so I appreciate this day. Also, I received some little things from the kids like edible blue rose, red rose and strawberry jam.

7. Shiroyuni Valentine’s greeting 

Shiroyuni is one of my favorite aniblogger  in wordpress. I was so touched to read this blog of hers. Her blogs always make sense and honest. That’s why I followed her. Now, she’s on twitter.. ❤  Thanks Shiroyuni for the mention! ^^~

8. Champ liked my tweet.

Oh well.. A haler will always be a haler. Champ is my highschool crush. He’s the lead vocalist for HALE band.  I found out that they had a gig on my university but it’s a thursday so I am not there to watch. I tweeted champ that I miss the band and he liked it. 😀 I saw him in person already on SM Molino (gig) and ATC  (coincidentally bump into him). I befriend my idol. I talked to him like a friend. He’s a good guy that any woman will be lucky to have.

9. My 25th Birthday 02242016

Thanks to the people who greeted me near, far, wherever you are… I appreciate it!<3  More blessings to come… wisdom increase:) Go and check out my blog about it. : 25, Keep looking ahead

10. Miracle Art +Gerry’s Grill 02252016

This day is a holiday where I celebrated my birthday with my family and aunt (with nephew) in Miracle Art Museum. The experience was really fun. 😀  Thanks for the blessing.. ❤ I am still thinking if I will blog about the museum. It’s a really nice place to go. 🙂


4 thoughts on “(February 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

  1. Thanks for the mention Lovely! I am really glad that you liked my post – its exactly what I want to say to every single out there 🙂 So you’re welcome, and looks like you had a nice Feb 😀


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