Gourmet Farm, Silang Cavite (St. John Bosco Class – Going out activity)

Most of the children right now are very fond of eating on fast food chains like Mcdo, Jollibee and the like. They don’t recognize vegetables. (Now, I love vegetables!) That’s why the kids going out activity is about vegetable farming for them to appreciate the different vegetables and its use in cooking. Also, they were able to know the role of a farmer and how they plant vegetables.


I’ve never been to Gourmet’s Farm before even if I only reside in Dasma, Cavite. I am surprised that it was only near Rogationist College. Everytime my family goes to Tagaytay we pass by the Gourmet’s but I am not aware of it before until this going out activity happened.

What are the things that you can do in Gourmet’s Farm? You can smell the scent of the different kind of herbs.

IMG_2097 I think the kids like it. Children’s olfactory learning is a scope for this activity. They will recognize the kind of herb with its scent. I was able to smell the basil, cinnamon tree and peppermint. Next, there was the lettuce picking activity.


This is the most favorite part of the children when being asked. They get lettuces and put it on the plastic bag with their parents. They just love the idea of picking it on their own. In my case, I hope I can do strawberry picking in Japan someday. Haha! : p  Sorry, I am out of the topic.  Ok! After the picking, they learned how to plant a herb. All of them tried and even the parents had fun.

When we leave the lettuce farm, we pass by the factory where coffee was made. It was really a good/tasty smell. We also saw how lettuce chips are made. The employees are wearing their complete sanitation gear.

Coffe machine.JPG

In the end, everybody had a free Banaba tea (It was refreshing! Even the kids like it! ) and was able to rest for a while in a pavilion there.

There was the Gourmet’s restaurant and shop for you to choose what Gourmet product would you like to buy. The rosemary cookies have this unique taste. I also like the crisp of lettuce chips but next I need to buy the sauce partner. Haha!

It was really a good experience to appreciate vegetables and to feel the nature here in Gourmet’s farm. I will definitely go back in this place with family or friends to dine and buy some of their products again that I don’t usually have back in my place.

PS: In the end writing this blog, I realized that I don’t have my picture there. T.T I want to go back here someday so that I can take myself a picture that I went here.. sigh~ 😮


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