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Blue Babble, Gang Green (The Ateneo – La Salle Rivalry) : Book Review

Blue Babble, Gang Green (The Ateneo – La Salle Rivalry)


by RJ Ledesma 

A rivalry as mythic as that of the Boston Red Sox vs the new york yankees The spartans versus persians toyota versus crispa noranians vs vilmanians it is the ateneo versus la salle rivalry”– from How the Ateneo – Lasalle rivalry began

Review: Blue Babble, Gang Green © 2014

is a compilation of RJ Ledesma essays from his weekly “Pogi from a Parallel Universe” column in the Philippine Star. A manuscript of this book was submitted for critique at the 53rd UP National Writers Workshop in 2014.

I bought my copy of this book in La Salle Dasma National Book Store summer of 2015. (when I am still looking for a job).


The Authors Writing Style

It’s very RJ Ledesma no matter how I read it. (even up side down) It’s narrative in context and relative to the readers. It also has an interview form.


What convinced me to buy this book is the art cover. (Yes, I judged the book by its cover) and the topic of “The Ateneo – Lasalle Rivalry”. I am also curious about this  long-time rivalry we know about Ateneo- La Salle especially in basketball. I know it’s not only in sports but it started there.

My expectation before reading the book was different because I thought it’s a chapter by chapter type. But instead,  it’s a compilation of essays published about the rivalry. It’s very subjective on how the author delivered his essays.  It’s normal.

I’ve got to know RJ LEDESMA more in this book most especially him being green minded half of his life. (Well, technically and historically) He’s a Lasallian. So do I. Actually, I am thinking of some alumni testimonials but it’s not going to be an essay if that’s the case. Somehow, I enjoyed reading it. Thumbs up!

Quotes I like here:

“ One of the greatest lesson I glean from this rivalry is that we do have the opportunity to become more human for each other”

“ We continue to seek God in all things”

Rating: 7 out of 10 


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